Welcome Pass

New Undergraduate or Postgraduate student? Haven’t decided yet which events you want to go to yet, or just fancy trying a bit of everything during Welcome Week? No problemo!

The Welcome Pass (available to both UG and PG students) costs £39 and guarantees you entry into six of the evening events taking place in The Copper Rooms during Welcome Week (subject to Terms & Conditions below).

Welcome Passes and individual event tickets go on sale at Noon on the 4th September. 

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In order to purchase tickets or passes, you will need to have enrolled and set up an IT account with the University (details of how to do this are here). Once you’ve done this, you can use your details to log in to the Students’ Union website!

Aside from saving you money on individual tickets, the big advantage is that you don’t need to worry about events selling out or having to buy any event tickets during Welcome Week – they’re all ‘built in’ to the pass, so you simply swipe your University Card on the door, and it’ll get you in. Simples!

Welcome Passes cover the following paid-entry events:

  • 25th Sept - Big Freshers Ice Breaker - £10 
  • 26th Sept - Missing & Glamorous Presents Loud & Proud - £7 
  • 27th Sept - Foam Party - £7 
  • 28th Sept - Rep My Flag! – Urban Edition - £5 with flag/£8 without flag 
  • 29th Sept - Sonic - £7 
  • 30th Sept - Discoverse by Access - £10

(n.b. Evening events held in The Terrace Bar and The Dirty Duck are all free entry. Please note: the Welcome Party events on the first Saturday and Sunday of Welcome Week are NOT covered by the Welcome Pass.)

General Terms and Conditions

  • All attendees need to present photo ID featuring proof-of-age to gain admittance – for Warwick students we accept student cards, but guests will need to bring along legally acceptable photo ID (e.g., passport or driving license).
  • Unfortunately, students under the age of 18 are NOT able to purchase a Welcome Pass or attend night-time club events in The Copper Rooms. While we apologise for the disappointment this will cause to the minority of you who are affected by this issue, it is strictly a legal requirement - in line with UK licensing law, it is illegal to admit under-18s to our nightclub. If you turn 18 during Welcome Week, you are able to purchase a pass, but it will not be valid until your 18th birthday.
  • Readmission is not allowed once you have left an event.
  • You are still subject to the Students’ Union’s event admission procedures and can be refused entry or ejected if you breach these.
  • If you are banned from the Students’ Union at any time, your Welcome Pass will cease to be valid without recompense for the duration of the ban. So, you know… behave yourself!
  • Your student card and tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable – you cannot lend them to anyone else, and individual event tickets cannot be ‘sold’ or transferred over to other students.


  • *** Please note that entry to events is only guaranteed before 11pm. *** After this time, you will be admitted if the venue capacity allows, but this cannot be guaranteed!
  • Demand for all events during the first few weeks of term is extremely high, so we strongly recommend you get there ahead of the 11pm deadline if you wish to attend!
  • There is no dress code for any event at Warwick SU. (That said, we did have a streaker once, and he got chucked out fairly quickly).