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Rocket League Neo Tokyo 2020 Pentathlon

Event from Esports

Fri 23 Jul 2021 19:00 - Wed 11 Aug 2021 19:00
23/07/2021, 19:00 - 11/08/2021, 19:00

Friday 23 July 2021, 7PM - Wednesday 11 August 2021, 7PM


The host city of Neo Tokyo invites you to partake in the ultimate test of adaptability. This event will see players work in new teams each week in all 4 extra modes + classic, with the top performers qualifying for the finals.

When is it?
This event will be played each Wednesday at 7PM BST, from July 28th to August 11th. That is three match days.

The Format
-All ranks welcome!
-3v3/2v2 (dependent on sign-ups)
-Set of 5 (So5) series, where the games are played in the order of: Rumble, Snowday, Hoops, Dropshot, Classic
-All 5 games will be played each series, as the winning condition is total goals, not game wins. If both teams tie in total goals, the tiebreaker is game wins.
-Players will be on different teams for every series, balanced using current standings
-3x So5 each game day (~2 hours)

There will potentially be HyperX prizes for top performers, and the finals will hopefully be streamed on the main Warwick Esports Twitch channel. More details to follow.

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to jump into our server and ask (, or contact me directly through Discord: Treefork#1419

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