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Celebrating Black History Month at Warwick

Throughout October, we will be putting on a range of exciting events for Black History Month with the goal of celebrating black excellence and achievements. From spoken word to exhibitions, talks and casual coffee brunches, we want to get everyone involved, so please come and celebrate this important month with us!

Changes to charity fundraising

Read SU Societies Officer GEORGE CREASY's blog to find out more about the various changes we're making this year!

GUM Clinic - Tuesday Week 2 in SUHQ

First chance this term to get yourself checked out for sexually-transmitted infections - as always, it's free, confidential and there's no need to make an appointment! Click through for more details.

Announcing the Environmental Sustainability Fund

SU Environment and Ethics Officer MATT GREENHAM blogs on an exciting new project fund being used to provide financial support for student projects and initiatives that promote sustainability.

New SU Democratic structure for 2015

Big changes have been made to the way your Students' Union operates - read Democracy & Development Officer Olly Rice's latest blog post to find out more!


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