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Update on tickets and payments for Freshers events

Please read on for the latest news regarding Wednesday's payment issues if you were affected by them!

SU statement - information for Term 1 ticket purchasers

The SU wishes to apologise profusely for the problems many experienced today when buying tickets for our Term 1 and Freshers events - please read on for more detailed information!

Freshers Ticketing FAQs

Your most-asked questions answered!

The Bread Oven Meal Deal

Make sure you check out one of the best-value lunches on campus!

International Conference of Undergraduate Research - 23rd September

Click through for full programme and registration information!


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I'm a woman that has sex with women — do I still need to get tested regularly?

Lesbians and bixesual women may technically be at lower risk in terms of HIV transmission, and women that have sex with women are often more complacent in terms of getting tested; this doesn't mean that they are any less likely to get infected! A Stonewall survey showed that half the lesbian and bisexual women they surveyed that got tested actually did have an STI. The message? GET TESTED!

Exchanging bodily fluids, and one-on-one sexual contact often carries the risk of transmitting STIs, regardless of sexuality. For an NHS page with more info, click here.



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