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The Christmas Ball 2014 - coming Thursday Week 10!

An ice-rink in the Atrium, chocolate fountains, spectacular decor, SNOW, live music, carol singers, Santa, real reindeer and much more - don't miss our spectacular Winter Wonderland this Thursday in the SU. All we want for Christmas... is you!

Change100 - opportunities for students with disabilities or long-term health problems

Change100 is a programme of paid summer internships and mentoring, designed to support the career development of talented university students who define as having a disability or long-term health condition.

SU statement on Rugby Club sanctions

A few weeks ago, the Students’ Union received a number of complaints from students and members of the public relating to the Rugby Club’s recent ‘adoption’ ceremony. As there have been various rumours surrounding these events, we felt it necessary to clarify the subsequent decision and its outcomes more widely to the student body.


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What are the options for contraception?

People often think of contraception in terms of condoms and "the pill". There's actually a pretty wide range of options out there for those that want to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

Condoms are talked about most often, because condoms protect from both pregnancy and STIs. If you're using a form of contraception that's not a condom whilst having sex, then you should use a condom to prevent STI transmission unless you're sure the other person doesn't have an STI. You can get most forms of contraception at GPs, GUM clinics, and some pharmacies; for more information, see the "Where can I go to get a sexual health check-up?" question below.

The range goes beyond condoms though. There are pills, female condoms, caps, injections, implants, patches and more. For more info, see the NHS's explanation of the options.



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