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Bring a buddy to brunch!

Event from Good Food Society

Saturday 18 January 2020, noon - 2pm

HART + CO, Leamington Spa

For our first event of 2020 we will be going to a lovely cafe in Leamington Spa - Hart + Co!

This is a great opportunity to grab your friend or a partner and enjoy a brunch for two as all of the meal options are designed for two people! Only one of you needs to purchase the ticket. 

And don't worry, if you do not have anyone with you but would still like to join us, just message us or comment on Facebook and we will do our best to pair you up with someone :)

The meal options are:

1. - The Ultimate Fry Up (2 people) - Amazing English breakfast - £17.50
2. - The Pancake Stack (2 people) - American pancake stack with all the great stuff on top - £16
3. - The French Toast Stack (2 people) - Speaks for itself! - £16
4. - The Chocolate Pancake Stack (2 people) - Just like the Pancake Stack but with extra dark and white chocolate! - £17.50
5. - The Power Breakfast (2 people) - Bagels with guacamole, cream cheese, salmon... - £14

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