Faculty and Departmental Reps

What are Faculty Reps?

The Academic Council has 3 subgroups, which are the Exec for each faculty. Collectively, they support the work of your Course Reps and Student Officers to ensure your academic interests are heard.

They focus on the academic experience of those in their faculty and report their activities to Academic Council. These activities include providing strategic direction for Course Reps and SSLCs within their faculty, leading on student voice mechanisms like Faculty Forums, and consulting on proposed motions and changes to the academic experience. Below are your Faculty Reps who have been elected to represent you!

Faculty of Arts

Agatha Allen-Jones
Hi, I'm Agatha! I'm a third-year English Literature student and I'm looking forward to working with other academic reps and SSLCs to develop communication across the Arts Faculty and ensuring your voice is heard.

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Sidney Pycroft 
Hi, my name is Sidney, I am a third year History & Politics student. I have been involved in academic representation since my first year as a course rep, now being Chair of my SSLC. My focus has been on the student voice and student experience. These are my main areas of concern as a Faculty Rep this year alongside student wellbeing and the continual issue of communication to and from students and their departments within the Arts Faculty. Any academic concerns, ideas, or queries feel free to send me an email.

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Faculty of Social Sciences 

Sofia Dadou

I am your Social Sciences Faculty Representative for this year and my role is to act as a springboard for the student voice and mobilise necessary change. I am in my second year studying Law and I am part of a few societies. It is more important than ever to ensure students get to have a holistic experience during their time at university. I appreciate the difficulty these unprecedented times pose, and we are here to make that more manageable. For academic concerns, questions, and ideas, please feel free to contact me via email or other means. 

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Charlotte Van Herwijnen 
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Larissa Buranich
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Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine 

Alex Baker 

Hi my name is Alex, I am a final year PhD student in Chemistry and a WIHEA Fellow. My research focuses on designing rapid medical diagnostics for less economically developed countries. I have been a student at Warwick for going on eight years, and have been a faculty rep for three of those years. As a faculty rep I have helped introduce fairer teaching contracts for PGRs, maternity/paternity and sick leave policies for PGRs and a more robust pastoral system.  I am currently working with the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine to decrease attainment gaps and remove educational barriers in our faculty.

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Alex Fletcher 

Hi I'm Alex, a third-year Chemistry student with an interest in improving mental health services. 



Jasmine Brittan 
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