SSLC Annual Report Forms 2016-2017

The SSLC system is a key mechanism for ensuring the overall quality of provision at Warwick. It is vital that copies of SSLC minutes and Annual Reports are kept on file in departments to be made available to internal and external reviewers, and also submitted to the Students’ Union Academic Voice Coordinator on an ongoing basis for publication.

Assessment of quality takes place internally through Annual Course Review and Institutional Teaching and Learning Review, and externally through the QAA’s Institutional Review process.

Why do SSLCs need to write an Annual Report?

All SSLCs are required to complete a report during the summer term detailing their student-staff liaison work. The report form should be completed with the participation of the whole SSLC. It serves four main functions:

  • To ensure that SSLCs are operating effectively.
  • To enable students to highlight issues which remain unresolved.
  • To enable the Students’ Union and the University to consider any common issues that SSLCs are unable to resolve.

The SSLC Coordinators read every Annual Report and the Education Officer writes a summary report, also looking at minutes from SSLC meetings, highlighting common issues and themes discussed across the University. This summary report is considered by a number of University committees and relevant administrative and service departments, which can recommend or take action to address student concerns, or spread good practice.

The previous year’s report should be an item on the agenda of the first meeting of the new academic year and progress reported on any unresolved issues. SSLC Annual Report forms can be downloaded here.

Annual Report deadlines 2016-2017

Undergraduate: 30th June 2017

Postgraduate: 4th July 2017

Download Report Form

Reports should be typed and sent via e-mail to Teaching Quality,  & Warwick SU, simultaneously.

A student member of the SSLC should email the report.

The report will not be accepted if not e-mailed by the student Chair or Secretary of the SSLC, or if it is not clear that the report has been e-mail by another, for example the academic convenor, on their behalf.

Remember: The SSLC annual report is one way that the University finds out what YOU, the student is thinking; it is crucial that this is sent to the University on time, otherwise your views will not be heard.

Guidance on writing the Annual Report

Ideally, the report should be discussed at a meeting of the SSLC. If this is not possible, it should be circulated to the members of the SSLC for comment and signed off by the Chair or Secretary. The report should be submitted by a student member of the SSLC.

The report should be typed and should contain enough detail to highlight in an informative way the issues discussed during the year and action taken.