Agenda and Minutes

An agenda for the meeting should be circulated a week in advance and circulation of minutes should occur within a few days after the meeting.

Copies should be sent to:

  • All SSLC members
  • The Departmental Secretary
  • The Students’ Union Academic Voice Coordinator/s
  • The relevant Faculty Representative
  • The Secretary should upload the Agenda and upcoming Meeting times to the SSLC Portal.

An agenda template can be downloaded here.

A minutes template can be downloaded here.


Please see this example taken from the SSLC Portal:

Example SSLC Meeting Agenda

  1. Chair's welcome and apologies
  2. Minutes of previous meeting
  3. Action points from previous meeting
  4. Personal Tutors
  5. Discussion led by senior careers consultant, University of Warwick.
  6. Feedback from the secretary on the first departmental meeting of the term
  7. Decision over who will be attending subsequent undergraduate committee meetings and departmental meetings this term.
  8. Any other business
  9. Date of next meeting