Warwick Women's Rugby Football Club (WWRFC) is one of the most accessible and fun clubs at Warwick. Rugby is an inclusive sport with a position for everyone, regardless of size and strength; all women and non-binary people are welcome to training sessions!

We train Mondays from 1700-18.30 and Thursdays 17.30-19.00 with a dedicated external coach who helps to provide a great environment to learn new skills. Throughout terms 1 and 2 we play weekly matches on Wednesday afternoons. Training takes place on the new Cryfield 4G pitches. . We play matches on Wednesday afternoons in the BUCS Midlands 2A League. Besides the BUCS games, we also have regular friendly matches against local Clubs and University Teams. There are also opportunities to join and play for local clubs on Sundays.

There is no pressure to play in the matches; you can simply train with us or join our fantastic social scene. We have weekly socials run by our two Social Secs (drinking is not required) - this is great opportunity to get to know all members of the club and have a ridiculously good time in the process. Rugby is not just for the pitch: our social life is one of the best around (just ask!). 

Major events every year include Old Girls weekend, where the clubs alumni descend on campus for the weekend, and Sports Ball, where we see the end of term out in style. We also watch rugby together, go to matches, and have fun sporting/social activities beyond the rugby pitch. Last but not least, we have our annual Tour, where we celebrate the end of the season by visiting a secret location, known only to the Socials!

We invite anyone interested in Women's Rugby to come along to training or one of our socials and give us a try. For more information, feel free to send us an email at su145@warwicksu.com, or contact us through our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you!

Exec 2017-2018
President: Ruth Hankin, R.Hankin@warwick.ac.uk
General Secretary: Michelle Watson, M.Watson.1@warwick.ac.uk
Treasurer: Flore Postel-Vinay, F.Postel-Vinay@warwick.ac.uk
Captain: Abigail Minor, A.Minor@warwick.ac.uk
Vice-Captain: Selina-Jane Spencer, S-J.Spencer@warwick.ac.uk
Social Secretaries: Manar Aidaros and Katie Brown, M.Aidaros@warwick.ac.uk and K.Brown.1@warwick.ac.uk
Player Liaison: Poppy Harrison, P.T.D.Harrison@warwick.ac.uk
Charity Officer: Sadie Hallett, S.Hallett.1@warwick.ac.uk
Publicity Officer: Emma Beaney, E.Beaney@warwick.ac.uk

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