A BRAND NEW Korfball Club at Warwick University! 

Korfball is the only fair mixed sport in the world, and so having a Korfball Club at the University is not only a good way for students to keep fit, but also to meet students from other courses and backgrounds. It is often described as a mixture between netball and basketball, however the post is 11.5 feet tall rather than 10 feet in the other two sports. There are four girls and four boys on the court for each team, with half attacking and half defending to being with. This however changes after two goals are scored, so every member of the team swaps from attack to defence or vice versa, and therefore everyone gets a chance to defend and attack in each game. It is a sport which is growing in popularity in not only the UK, but the rest of the world, with the World Championships taking place in places such as South Africa, and the World Games in the United States. There are also opportunities to compete in BUCS with this sport, so those who want to play more competitively, can! Clink on this link to find out more about Korfball https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUtJB5jBOis

We train every Thursday, from 6-8pm off-campus this year (as it's our pilot year) in Xcel Leisure Centre, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more details every week. 

So come to one of our sessions and see what you think, you may just discover your new favourite sport!

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