Society Grants

What are Grants

Each year, the SU has a pot of money we can distribute to Societies on an application basis. Societies are free to apply for grant funding for a range of activities, projects, or equipment, to name but a few examples. 

Please note: Any money rewarded, can only be used for the purpose stated at application.

Process & Timelines

Grant applications will open in Week 6 and close on the 1st August 2019 at 9.00am

Sadly, we cannot accept applications submitted after that date. 

Once we have collated all applications, each individual request will be considered, and a decision made and ratified by the Societies Exec/Officer. 

We hope to communicate the outcome of the decisions around the end of August 2019, and upload succesful bids, to the Society account by September. 

To send an applicaiton, please download and complete this form, and send it back to before the deadline. 


Before we can consider applications, you must have submitted your registration documents for the coming year, if you are a new exec. Please follow this link for more information.

Along with the money you apply you apply for, you will also receive £15 of funding at the start of the academic year, regardless of whether you receive your full allocation or not.

Whilst the criteria is relatively open, there are some things we are not able to fund:

  • Funding for events (events should be self-funding via ticket sales and/or sponsorship)

  • Personal or Exec Clothing

  • IT Domains

  • Charity Events/Fundraising

  • Marketing for one-off events or equipment for Fresher’s Fair, 

  • Food and Drink (Including alcohol)


Not Sure What You Can Apply For?

We have some testimonials from Societies who received funding, and how it supported their activities.

Warwick RAG

Warwick RAG used the SU budget last year to subsidise some of our exec to go to the NASFA conference at UWE in the summer. This was an amazing experience where the exec that went met people from all sorts of RAGs and charities around the country, and then came back with a plethora of new ideas and improvement that were utilised in the following year.

Duke of Edinburgh Society

Thanks to the SU for providing the budget for the DofE society, it has allowed us to make trips more safe and accessible to all of our members (and non-members), and will continue to benefit students year after year. This is massively important to us, as it enables more students to achieve their goals and aspirations whilst studying at Warwick.

Our participants have used this equipment during training sessions and trips, and it will be invaluable during Summer Expeditions. It is important to mitigate as many risks as possible, and our members are very thankful that the SU takes their health and safety seriously by providing funding for this very important equipment. Over the next few weeks we will be purchasing the remaining equipment for Summer Expeditions, which are our most important events in terms of facilitating the Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award each year. Since buying and testing kit throughout the year, we now have a clear idea of what further equipment we need to purchase for the expeditions.

As we look to increase participation in coming years all of the support we get from the SU will enable us to replace old and degraded equipment, and ultimately to further improve safety and wellbeing!

Other Previous Claims Include:

  • Audio and Camera Equipment

  • Affiliation Fees

  • Transport and Entry Fees for National Competitions

  • Workshops with Industry Professionals and External Practitioners

  • Sheet Music Printing Costs

  • Training Costs

  • Board Games

  • Campaign Materials

Additional Services

We often get a lot of requests for marketing support. The SU has a Marketing Team who would be happy to support you with your Marketing, which can include designing, printing and distribution.