Tabletop Games and Role-playing Society


Board games, card games, wargames, live action role-playing (LARP) and tabletop RPGs.

Whether you are already a fan of any of the above activities, or you are just interested in giving them a go, the Tabletop Games and Role-Playing Society is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Tabletop formed when a few small, but wonderful, societies joined together.

It means: don’t be intimidated by our busy schedule! Plenty of society members only regularly attend one of our weekly events (listed at the bottom of the page). You can get involved as much or as little as you like. Pop in any time you’re free, to learn a new game, or play something familiar. There will always be an exec member around to show you the ropes and make sure you know what you’re doing. All areas of our community are super friendly and eager to welcome newbies to their activity!

Weekly Shenanigans - see the bottom of the page for locations.

  • Board Games: There’s a spectrum when it comes to board games: from competitive, serious, strategic masterminds to people who honest to God have only ever played Monopoly; board games welcomes you all. Every Wednesday we occupy a room on campus from 2 to 10pm and people swing by whenever they can, play some board games, and leave again. It’s that simple. Carcassonne. Codenames. Ticket to Ride. Articulate. We have a massive collection, so bring a group of friends, or come alone to make some.
  • Magic the Gathering Tournaments: We hold a weekly Magic the Gathering Draft, usually of the latest set for only £8 (less than the price of 2 boosters!). We also have other events going on throughout the term; in the past we have held Modern and Eternal Masters drafts, Modern tournaments, Chaos draft and sealed.
  • Casual TCG/CCGs: We also run a weekly casual card game night, where you can kick back and play some friendly card games for free. We’re always keen to have new players, so feel free to come along to learn how to play, be it Netrunner, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, or some other game.
  • RPG Adventures: RPGs are like playing a video game in a group, around a table, where the setting and events are invented by the games master (one of the people at the table). You each play a character in the story and, armed with some many-sided dice, you make decisions which carve out a collective storyline. The only restriction is the limits of your imagination! If you’re still confused, then you’re just going to have to come try it out. We’d love to help you in joining a game, or even running one of your own.
  • Live Action Role Play (LARP): Dungeons and Dragons, but in real life! No one in the society LARPed before coming to Warwick, so don’t be afraid to try it out. Swing around a foam sword and wear a cape. Fulfil your dreams. We always accepted newcomers with open arms, and many who try become long-time regulars. We go to the Dirty Duck to eat afterwards.
  • Tabletop Wargaming: This is the thing where you paint little models and then you battle them. If you’re interested in trying it out, we run an open session every week. Warhammer Fantasy; Warhammer 40,000; Dropzone Commander; Hordes and War machine and history wargaming are all played at the society. Don’t worry if you haven’t got an army of your own, the society has plenty of gear to lend out. All you need to bring is yourself.


We do special, extra exciting events sometimes.

End of term quiz: a nice evening with people from the whole society. Everyone gets together and answers dumb, nerdy questions in teams. It’s good fun.

Board games weekends: these last all weekend. 36 hours of board games. If you want, you can come to the whole thing, not sleep, order Dominoes pizza, and watch old Power Rangers movies on the projector screen at 3am. At least that’s what happened last year. I’m sure we can top it somehow.

Laserquest/pub socials/ murder mystery/ who knows: we host some random events here and there to get society people together and have fun. If you have suggestions, then they could become a reality!

Basically, we like having a good time in a really chill and accepting environment with people who have common interests.


Our website is the best place to find up to date information:

Like our Facebook page for updates on Fresher’s events: Tabletop games and Role Playing on Facebook. Check out the page description for each society area’s own Facebook page.

The weekly schedule

2018/19 Term 2:

2018/19 Term 3:

We look forward to playing some games with you!



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