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Welcome to League of Legends and eSports, a society dedicated to playing League of Legends and promoting eSports on campus. 

The society aims to bring people together who enjoy playing the game competitively or casually, watching League as a spectator sport or people who are completely new to the game and looking for a friendly atmosphere to learn in.

Throughout the year we host casual socials in and out of campus, all-night LANs, in-house tournaments and competitive teams playing in national competitions.

We are also the University representatives for all eSports on the National University eSports League. If you want to do anything involving them and we don't appear to offer it, ask and we'll set you up!

So what does membership offer you?

Upcoming Events

Next LAN party -  6pm, Sat 24/2/2018 in LIB1
League of Legends NUEL Tournament - Sign-ups reopen October 2018.
Check our facebook group or website to keep up with the latest details of all of our events.

Casual Play

We host frequent LANs with in house competitions and RP or skin prizes.

Other events include society meals, Worlds viewing party and society trips.

Competitive Play

We are proud to announce that our top LoL team, Grey Warwick had won the 2016-2017 NUEL Championship and King of the North tournament. Well done boys!

Team sign-ups will start again in November 2017. To join one of start your own, visit the National University Esports League and check our facebook


Execs 2017-18

President - David Chan (Cuddlesworth)

Secretary - Sam Hine (Astral Infusion) 

Treasurer - Charlie Smith (Chazmaster73)

Social Secretary - Lily Liu (NRG Lil E)

eSports Secretary - Jack Fenton (Sushei)

League of Legends and eSports Election Spring 2018

11 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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