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Memorandum of Understanding

The MoU documents the Club/Society’s commitment to the policies, rules and behaviours that are an intrinsic foundation for being part of the Warwick Students’ Union community.  It also outlines the reciprocal commitment of the SU in supporting the Club or Society.

It is compulsory for every Club and Society’s incoming Exec team to agree a Memorandum of Understanding.  This should be signed and submitted by the end of Term 3 Week 10 each year.

What is an MoU?

The MoU sets out the key requirements that exec teams must abide by as part of their affiliation with the SU and details the sources for policies and rules that affect both execs and members – the things that make a Club or Society well-run.

Preparing for your MoU

It is essential to understand the values and regulations within the MoU in order to be able to sign up to uphold them.  The Responsibilities training package as part of the Exec Training for newly elected Club or Society teams will cover these areas, and the Exec Responsibilities section of the SU website contains links to the various By-Laws, regulations and guides as a reference.

Speak to your Sports or Societies Coordinator about any areas that aren’t clear to you and they’ll make sure you find the information you need.

There are some aspects of the MoU that might need tailoring for specific circumstances – particularly for Media Societies – and this is a process you will have to go through with your Coordinator.  They will be able to identify which elements are necessary and which don’t apply in your case.

Making the MoU official

The MoU must be signed by the Club or Society President on behalf of the exec team and by the Sports or Societies Officer as appropriate on behalf of the SU.  To achieve this you must agree with your Coordinator that the version you are using is the appropriate one, then provide a signed hard copy to them to be countersigned.