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The Exec Sheet documents the Club/Society’s executive committee, responsible for running the affairs of the Club or Society and responsible to all its members.

It is compulsory for every Club and Society to submit an Exec Sheet within one week of their elections – the deadline for submitting for the coming academic year is the end of Term 2 Week 10.  The information provided on the Exec Sheet will be used to assign the appropriate status and permissions to the Club or Society’s elected officers so that online exec resources can be accessed and so that Student Activities staff can contact the right people within the Club or Society.

Club or Society elections must be held in accordance with By-Law 10 Appendix D, and using the voting method (first-past-the-post or single transferable vote) identified in the Club or Society’s Constitution.  Elections can be hold online or at a physical meeting.

What should an Exec Sheet contain?

The Exec Sheet must identify the holders of each executive role on the committee, detailing their contact information and student ID number.

The following roles must be filled, and cannot be combined:

  • President (or equivalent title)
  • Secretary (or equivalent title)
  • Treasurer (or equivalent title)

The following roles must also be filled, although they can be held in combination with other roles:

  • Equal Opportunities Officer
  • Safety Officer
  • Welfare Officer

For example, a single individual could be President and Safety Officer, but nobody can be both President and Treasurer.

Putting an Exec Sheet together

The template for the Exec Sheet can be provided by Student Activities – ask your Societies Coordinator for help if you’re uncertain of anything.

Once complete email the form to or hand it in at the Student Activities Room in the SUHQ building.