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Society Handover Packs

Society Handover Packs

Welcome new Execs!

Each new exec is asked to complete a handover pack so we can formally register your Society for the upcoming year.

Please note this is for society execs, not sports club execs! 

Please click here to download the pack

Please click here for a guide to completing the pack

It is mandatory we receive a completed pack, otherwise you won't be formally recognised as a Society, meaning you won't have a stand at Societies Fair or a page on the SU website amongst other things.

Please send completed packs to studentactivities@warwicksu.com

Once we have your pack, we will update the system with your memberships (note you must have membership to the society). Once we have registered you on the system, it means you will be able to use the online finance system (SGF) and your record will eventually appear on your end of year HEAR report.

Reminder: The system resets every academic year, meaning you will need to repurchase society membership when the new academic year starts. We will go through and update the sytem again, but please bear with us, as we have to update the system manually.

If you have any questions, please read through the guide or contact us if it's still not clear at studentactivities@warwicksu.com.

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