You must read the information on the charity fundraising page before submitting this form.

About You

About Your Charity

You can find this information on the Charity Commission website.

About Your Fundraising Activity

Please give as many details as you can about your event, including a breakdown of activities planned, location, and details of any collections. Please link to any online fundraising pages, and give details of any text donation service you're using etc.

Terms and Conditions

Any publicity including social media advertisements, buckets, posters and collection tins must be labelled with your chosen Charity's:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • UK Registered Charity Number
  • Percentage of Proceeds going to Charity

- You should have a minimum of two people involved in counting any cash donations.
- You must pay the money into your chosen charity directly. (You can read more about the agreed process here.)
- Let us know your fundraising total after the event here.

What Will Happen Next?

A member of the SU will be in touch to approve your collection, and to provide any support and advice you may require.

If you have any queries in the meantime about charity fundraising, please contact