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Halls Hoodie - Arthur Vick

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Warwick SU Halls Hoodie.

Front print is Warwick SU logo, back is hall name.

Personalise your hoodie with your name for an extra £2.50, by selecting the "Personalised" version above.

This 55% cotton & 35% Polyester, 320gms hoodie is available in 16 colours, and features a double layer hood and pouch pocket with hidden MP3 player or phone pocket.

See below for available colours.

Colour and size options are set during the checkout process.

Hoodie Colour Guide

Warwick SU hoodies are available in 16 different colours. Hover your mouse over the examples below to see them.

Sold Out

Freshers Passes have now sold out. You can still buy tickets to individual events during Freshers - check each event's page for tickets.

Information on Platinum Passes can be found HERE!

Haven’t decided yet which events you want to go to yet, or just fancy trying a bit of everything during the first 2 weeks of term? No problemo! The Freshers Pass costs £58 and guarantees you entry into all the events taking place in The Copper Rooms during Freshers Fortnight (subject to Terms & Conditions below) – plus, as an added bonus, the End of Term Paint Party in Week 10!

Aside from saving you money on individual tickets, the big advantage is that you don’t need to worry about events selling out or having to buy any event tickets during the first 2 weeks – they’re all ‘built in’ to the pass, so you simply swipe your University Card on the door and it’ll get you in. Simples!

Freshers Passes cover the following paid-entry events:

  • 5th Oct: Rave of Thrones (£8 ticket)
  • 6th Oct: Warwick Snow presents Avalanche (£7 ticket)
  • 7th Oct: Pop!* (£4 ticket)
  • 9th Oct: Tough Love (£9 ticket)
  • 10th Oct: Mallory Knox + Crash (£9 ticket for gig + Crash // £3 for Crash on its own)
  • 12th Oct: Hall Wars (£6 ticket)
  • 13th Oct: Latin Night (£4 ticket)
  • 14th Oct: Pop!* (£4 ticket)
  • 16th Oct: Freshers Party (£20 ticket)
  • 18th Oct: Comedy Society Presents… (£6 ticket)
  • Week 10: Paint Party (£6 ticket)

(n.b. Un-Plucked,  Get Funked, Mixology, Quackstar Karaoke, Saturday Session and Coffee House Sessions are all free entry)

(*) Passes guarantee you entry into the event only (10pm-2am) – they are not valid for ‘Circling’ with a Sports Team or society beforehand between 7pm-10pm. As places for this are limited and in exceptionally high demand during the first two weeks of term, if you wish to circle you will need to have bought the separate ‘Event + Circling’ ticket from the SU website in order to gain access to the venue between 7pm-10pm.

General Terms and Conditions

  • All attendees need to present photo ID featuring proof-of-age to gain admittance – for Warwick students we accept student cards, but guests will need to bring along legally acceptable photo ID (e.g. passport or driving license).
  • Readmission is not allowed once you have left an event.
  • You are still subject to the Students’ Union’s event admission procedures and can be refused entry or ejected if you breach these.
  • If you are banned from the Students’ Union at any time, your Freshers Pass will cease to be valid without recompense for the duration of the ban. So, you know… behave yourself!
  • Your student card and tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable – you cannot lend them to anyone else, and individual event tickets cannot be ‘sold’ or transferred over to other students.
  • All efforts will be made to create a separate queue for Freshers Pass holders at big events to guarantee fast-track entry.


  • *** Please note that entry to events is only guaranteed before 11pm *** After this time, you will be admitted if the venue capacity allows, but this cannot be guaranteed!
  • Demand for all events during the first two weeks of term is extremely high, so we strongly recommend you get there ahead of the 11pm deadline if you wish to attend!
  • There is no dress code for any event at Warwick SU, including the Freshers Party. (That said, we did have a streaker once, and he got chucked out fairly quickly).

Freshers Passes, Platinum Passes and individual event tickets go on sale at Noon on 16th SEPTEMBER 2015 via

In order to purchase tickets or passes, you will need to have enrolled and set up an IT account with the University (details of how to do this are up at Step 3 here). Once you’ve done this, you can use your details to log in to the Students’ Union website!

1st October
The Copper Rooms
2nd October
The Copper Rooms
3rd October
The Copper Rooms
4th October
The Copper Rooms
POP! Week 1 ***SOLD OUT***
5th October
The Copper Rooms
7th October
The Copper Rooms
8th October
The Copper Rooms
10th October
The Copper Rooms
11th October
Copper Rooms 2
POP! Week 2 ***SOLD OUT***
12th October
The Copper Rooms
International Love Presents: MASQUERADE PARTY
13th October
The Copper Rooms
14th October
16th October
The Copper Rooms