POP! Cream Cracker Challenge ***SOLD OUT***

Wednesday 03 October 2012

7pm - 2am

Room 1

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POP! Cream Cracker Challenge ***SOLD OUT***

POP! is our midweek student spectacular, offering you the ultimate excuse to act silly to a soundtrack of the purest musical fromage.

Poptastic, cheesy tunes from yesteryear are the order of the day - come along and indulge your guilty pleasures at the ultimate student night!

THIS WEEK: Have you got what it takes to win £500 worth of prizes by trying to wolf down as many cream crackers as possible within a certain amount of time? There's only one way to find out...


Featuring tip-top retro anthems from Pop!'s resident DJ Disco Dave...

In 1982, aristocratic family pop dynasty Dagenham Dave & The Disco Slaves were riding high in the charts with their renowned dancefloor anthem, "The Beat is Thumping (My Love is Pumping)". However, following a thoroughly embarrassing incident involving a badger, ten pints of stout and a reporter from the Daily Star, their upward ascent into pop’s higher echelons was cruelly skewered, ostensibly paving the way for a bunch of lightweight chancers like Showaddywaddy and Wham! to become icons of a generation.

The pint-sized child star of that family, Little David D’isceaux (nicknamed 'Ravey Davey' by an adoring music press), vowed to clear the name of his disgraced lineage and pursued an ill-fated career in pop music which reached a heinous nadir when his much-vaunted comeback single "Every Badger (Just Wants to Be Loved)" limped to Number 405 in the charts with just 13 sales. His career has now been relegated to the student market as he plots his great comeback to show us once and for all that his star will shine again…

If you have a nightclub; if no-one else can help; and if you can find him – maybe you can hire: Disco Dave.



Carlsberg/S'Bow/VK      £1.50
Purple                          £1.50
Coke/Lemonade            £1.00
Bottle Carlsberg            £1.75

+ 10% off at all times with Eating At Warwick card!


CIRCLING: please note that we will be releasing a limited number of 'free' circling registration tickets for this week's Pop! at 9am on Monday 1st October. These will be strictly first-come, first-served, and available only via this page on the SU website. In order to register, you will need to have purchased either a standard ticket or a Freshers Pass/Platinum Card.

Season Pass holders do NOT need to pre-register, as Circling is automatically included in the Season Pass.


NUS + guests only
Age 18+
Tickets: £3 (automatically included in Freshers Passes & Platinum Card)
Doors: 10pm (circling from 7pm)
Tickets on sale 12th September