Get Involved: Student Staff (Paid)

At Warwick SU, we have 298 student staff opportunities for students to take advantage of. Taking on part-time work during your studies offers a lot to your development, besides getting paid. You will gain customer-facing and cash-handling experience, hone your communication and problem solving skills, and demonstrate time-management.

Importantly, working for the SU, you will really feel like part of a team and make new friends on your shifts. Get involved, make the most of your opportunity, record evidence of your skills and experience and stand out in those all important job applications!

Earn While You Learn: Student Staff Roles

Below you can find examples of paid Student Staff roles available at Warwick SU. For a full range of opportunities, visit the Warwick SU Jobs page listed in the final section.


Warwick SU provides a range of employability enhancing training to support Student Staff depending on your role. Courses include:

  • Health & Safety at Work
  • Customer Service & Diversity
  • Data Protection & IT Security
  • Food Hygiene for Catering

More information on specific training will be provided by your manager when you start your job.

2 Simple Actions to Move Forward Today (And How To Apply)

  1. Be Inspired: Look through the student staff role summaries, get a feel for what our opportunities can offer and consider whether you’d like to apply.
  2. Apply: If you’re interested, submit an application for a paid Student Staff role. There are instructions on the role summaries, and there are also a wide range of opportunities to be found on the Warwick SU Jobs page, found here: