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Candidate for the position of President

Image for James Butler

James Butler

Plain Text Manifesto-

James Butler for President

[insert generic tagline]

Butler – Servant of the People

Some Highlighted Policies

·         Help with Transport by promoting the use of the Car Sharing scheme and to lobby the University to create more parking to facilitate a much larger Car Sharing Scheme

·         Increase the Independence of Sports and Societies from the Student Union

·         Campaign to introduce Universal Lecture Capture at Warwick University

·         Improve Representation by re-introducing Student Councillors onto the Student Council

·         Attempt to bring a Wetherspoon’s outlet on-campus and place the Koan back in Central Campus

·         Help with Student Costs by campaigning to reduce/freeze the costs of Accommodation, Transport, and Food Costs on campus

Welfare – I will Fight to:

Introduce a two-fold system to help with transportation issues by promoting the use of the Car Sharing scheme and to lobby the University to create more parking to facilitate the Car Sharing Scheme – While the University does have a Car Sharing Scheme, it is far too underused and underutilised. That is why I will promote the use of the Car Sharing Scheme. And in conjunction with this, I will lobby for more parking to improve the infrastructure required to have a large-scale Car Sharing Scheme.

Continue, Promote, and Expand the efforts of the Student Union on the Mental, Sexual and Physical Health Campaigns – I will continue to support and expand campaigns that focus on Mental, Sexual and Physical Health such as ‘Are You OK?’, ‘GUM Clinics’, ‘Sleep Deprivation Survey’, and many more good causes, as I believe that they can have a major positive impact on the Student population at Warwick.

Work with the University, Campus Security, and the Police to combat the spike of crime against Students from Warwick University in the surrounding area: Warwick University Students have faced a spike in crime against them in the surrounding areas just off campus (i.e. Canley). As President, I will work with the University, Campus Security, and the Police to deal with this crisis, as no student should have to feel unsafe outside their homes and outside their University.

Help with Student Costs by campaigning to reduce/freeze the costs of Accommodation, Transport, and Food Costs on campus – With many aspects of costs to Students, there is a monopoly in place that dictates prices to Students. I will as President campaign to keep down the price of Warwick Accommodation, the transport onto and off campus, and the cost of Food and Drink found in the University.

Democracy – I will fight to:

Improve Representation by re-introducing Student Councillors onto the Student Council where they had been removed in previous years – Previously, there were students from every year randomly selected to be a Student Councillor on the Student Council. This allowed for greater representation of students and a diversity of opinion on the Student Council. However, this practice was removed a few years ago, and I will campaign for their re-introduction onto the Council. 

Improve Transparency by better enforcing Conflicts of Interests rules in the SU to improve the impartiality of SU decisions – While there are rules in the Student Union on Conflicts on Interests, they are not nearing enforced enough, which has led to people voting on something in which they have a clear conflict of interest. I will make sure that there is better enforcement of these rules and increase disciplinary action for those who don’t declare Conflicts of Interests. 

Improve Accountability by having Sabbatical Officers provide a termly written report of their work to be found on the Warwick SU website – Whilst Sabbatical Officers do provide a report of their work in the Student Council, this reaches far too few people, and on the most part, students feel a lack of accountability from their elected Sabbatical Officers on how they are carrying out their manifesto pledges. This is why I will put in place a system where Sabbatical Officers must provide a written termly report on their work and this is to be displayed on the SU website.

Improve Visibility of the highly important Student Council by encouraging more students to attend – As stated, the Student Council is a highly important part of the Student Union, yet few students turn up to these meetings. That is why I would advertise better the meeting and encourage more students to attend and have their voices heard in the SU.

Societies & Sports – I will fight to:

Lower SU fees as far as possible for as to encourage greater student participation – By trying to find ways to cut Student Union fees, this will lead to lower prices for all, and reduce the possible apprehension that students may have in joining a new society or sport due to the initial costs.

Place greater emphasis on the Refresher’s Week to allow more opportunity for students to join new Societies or Sports – Whilst Freshers’ Week has been improved significantly in recent years, there appears to be a lack of emphasis on Refreshers’ Week, which has great potential to get students involved with a society or sport that they may have previously written off as being too late to join. So, that is why I will fight to improve the usage of the Refresher’s Week.

Education – I will fight to:

Renew the campaign to introduce Universal Lecture Capture at Warwick University - Despite previous campaigns by the Student Union, there is still not universal use of Lecture Capture, this lack of universal usage is potentially damaging to the educations of those with illness or those who have to depend on the reliability of Stagecoach and traffic (And even those with too sore of a head from the night before).

Encourage more Second-Hand Core Textbook Sales – Buying core books for subjects can amount to a significant figure, that in of itself is a hidden cost to students in the first place. I will work with all academic societies for them to individually to hold Second-Hand Book Sales, and try to create a clearer and better system on General Second-Hand Textbook Sales within the SU itself.

Continue efforts to increase Study Spaces – A common problem faced by students is finding Study Space, especially during Term 3. So, I will be continuing efforts to increase Study Space, whether that is through better utilisation of empty Seminar rooms/Lecture halls or lobbying for more study space to be built.

Miscellaneous – I will fight to:

Re-introduce the club night ‘Top Banana’ on a Monday night in the Copper Rooms – Listening to cheesy music with an equally cheesy club name used to be the norm on campus on a Monday night in past years. However, this club night went by the wayside, and to me, that is an unacceptable situation. So, I will attempt to re-introduce ‘Top Banana’, so that popular club nights on campus aren’t limited to POP! and the occasional Skool Dayz. 

Look into the possibility of opening a Wetherspoon’s outlet on-campus – Wetherspoons, or Spoons as commonly known, is a staple of many Students’ lives if not their entire existence, and not just in Warwick, but the rest of the UK. And it is high time that Warwick SU becomes the envy of the Student Union world by introducing a Spoons on campus.

Place the Koan back on central campus – The Koan is an icon in Warwick University, some say it is what gives life meaning to those working and living nearby it. However, despite its legendary status amongst Students, it has been temporarily relegated to Gibbet Hill, where not nearly enough students get to see its majesty. That is why I will lobby for the temporary home to be closer to central campus and closer to our hearts (If that is even possible).

Separate Old Rootes and New Rootes on Warwick Accommodation – Despite some notable differences between Old and New Rootes, they are still listed as one option on the Warwick Accommodation website. That is why I will lobby for their separation as students shouldn’t need to gamble on what accommodation they will be getting.

Improve the safeguarding of democracy at Warwick University by lobbying to introduce cameras at poster hotspots to discourage them being torn down - Despite their annoyingness at times with their volume and frequency, campaign posters are a vital part of the SU democracy and when you are on a limited expenses budget for such things as posters, it can be discouraging to see them torn down. That is why I will lobby the University to place a camera outside the Library to deter those who tear down posters.  

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