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Candidate for the position of Sports Officer

Image for Kristi Hewitt

Kristi Hewitt



Just Do It, Vote Hewitt


You First.


Putting you first is our main aim. You…yes you reading this. Everyone reading this. I want to make sure that you get what you want and when you want, and here’s how:


Your inclusivity: What is sport if it is not inclusive? Everyone should be able to participate in all sports at Warwick, no matter gender, sexuality, race or build..

  • Ensuring that sport is accessible and enjoyed by all and continue to use sport to influence changes in discriminatory attitudes and practices which cannot and will not be tolerated.
    • Introduce a ‘Kick Racism Out of Sport’ Campaign
    • Erase common misconceptions that sport is for a ‘certain body type or shape’

Your time to play: A huge problem that everyone faces is booking pitches and courts.

  • Develop a booking system online that is easy to use and more time efficient than the current method.
  • Prioritise Warwick Sport over external bookings. We know many clubs have taken second place to local Coventry and Warwick teams. This is all going to change. You will be put first in bookings when and where you need them.
  • Wednesdays are generally our fixture day, yet people still have lectures, seminars and labs going on into the late afternoon and evening. This needs to be changed so that we can have a full squad for every game.

Your support: Your support is what drives our teams to do so well, and we want to keep it that way.

  • Open a website with timetables for fixtures so that all students and supporters can know exactly when each fixture is for every sport and go support the red and black.
  • As well as this, a centralised calendar in the SU and on the Piazza for everyone to see.
  • A reward scheme for loyalty to fixtures will be introduced, meaning you can get discounts on Varsity tickets and rewards.

Your participation: Your taking part in sports is our most important goal. We want anyone to be able to do any sport they want.

  • Term 3 is known for the multitude of exams that weigh us down, but how about a little exercise to reduce the stress levels? Mental health is a crucial factor in the effect exams have on us, and sport is proven to alleviate the pressure placed on us not just physically, but also mentally:
    • Continuation of training throughout the term for those who want, who said revision has to stop sport?
  • Eliminate the hierarchy within sports. All sports are equally as important and whether they contribute to BUCS or not.
  • Following on from that, there will be a non-BUCS sport showcase week to highlight that every team is part of Team Warwick.

Your safety: While you play sport, we will make sure you stay safe at all times

  • Training your clubs Exec in first aid and injury prevention will make sure that everyone stays ready to play and is not ruled out by injury that could have been avoided
  • Side-line support extends to the ambulance and their ability to access the new pitches at Cryfield. I will make sure that help is there as soon as it is needed, wherever the fixture.


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