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Hello - I’m Chloe, a History and Politics graduate and your new Welfare and Campaigns Officer. Before we go any further, let's make one thing clear: university is stressful. At one point or another we will all need the support and services of the SU to get through our time at Warwick – and I want to make that experience as smooth as possible for you, whoever you are and whatever you study.

My role is to lead on policy and campaigns related to student welfare, which encompasses housing, mental health, healthy living, and affordability among other areas. I represent students to make sure you're getting the best deal from the University, the Union and your local community.

This year I'm dedicated to fighting for a fairer deal when it comes to housing, will be mounting an 'Are You OK?' mental health campaign, and much more.

Unfortunately we can't make the stress and pressures of university life fizzle away, but what we can do is ensure that you have the best support and guidance possible throughout your time here and leave with positive memories. I look forward to helping you with that!

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The Welfare & Campaigns Officer's office is on the top floor of SUHQ.

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  • Tue 25 Oct 2016 11:09

    In recent weeks, we’ve been asking students how they’re feeling and have received various responses back: “I feel like everyone else is ahead”, “I’m worried about not getting an internship” and “My future after university worries me” have been popular responses. We know that Term 1 feels stressful because you’re not only getting back into the rhythm of work, but also having to contemplate your career. Warwick often feels like a bit of a ‘rat race’ in this way, and the SU wants to do everything we can to alleviate this pressure.

    First of all, there is no set way of "doing" university or getting a career. If you don’t get a fancy finance job or the best graduate scheme on the market, you’re still doing well. Success is defined by more than your productivity. It’s also worth noting that a slim minority of students end up on a graduate scheme. They aren’t right for everyone, and that’s fine – so don’t pressure yourself into making 100 blanket applications alongside all your other commitments, however tempting that is.

    Instead, attend our new ‘What’s Next?’ event on 15th November (with another running on 28th April) to meet alternative organisations, meet travel companies, learn about postgraduate study, volunteering and third sector opportunities. Sign-ups are available HERE.

    I've also prepared a short guide for Final-Year students on further steps you can follow if you don't get the results that you want - you can find it online HERE.

Chloe's Election

The election for Welfare & Campaigns Officer takes place during the Officer Elections in term 2.

Chloe Wynn Welfare and campaigns officer