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Hello! I’m Marissa Beatty and I’m your Societies Officer this year. My role is to oversee and support the 250+ student societies we have here at Warwick – from brand new societies just getting started all the way through to more established societies who are looking to grow and develop.

Student societies are renowned for being creative, innovative, enterprising and diverse. As a collective, societies at Warwick consistently raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity, help their members develop a wide range of skills and put on thousands of fantastic events throughout the year – including socials, conferences, performances and balls.

My aim for this year is to give all societies – no matter how big or small – the tools and resources they need to raise funds for, organise and promote their wide range of activities. I’m really keen to put societies on the map this year by launching a campus-wide campaign called ‘Creative Warwick’ which will showcase all the incredible things Warwick societies get up to.

If you have any questions about our societies (or if you want to set up a new one!), feel free to come and see me in SUHQ or drop me an email.

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The Societies Officer's office is on the top floor of SUHQ.

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  • Fri 27 Jan 2017 09:03



    For those of you who don’t know, a large part of what the Societies Exec (see right) does is looking through all the new society applications (we get around 30 per term!) and deciding on which ones should be recognised as official SU Societies. 

    If you want to set up your own society in time for Term 3 (or a deferred start of the next academic year), you have until this Sunday (29th January) to apply! All forms and criteria can be found online here

    It gives me great pleasure to announce that we approved 9 fantastic societies last term and they officially joined our giant and diverse societies family at the start of 2017. 

    We have over 250 societies on campus and, while that means that there is something exciting happening on campus 24/7, it can mean that it’s difficult for new societies to raise their profile. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to some of our newest societies in the hope that some of you will join them:

    Warwick ABACUS  (Association of British And Chinese University Students)

    “We are a new society aiming to eliminate the barriers perceived to exist between home and international students and enable anyone, regardless of background and origin, sharing this common interest in Chinese culture to expand their social network in a welcoming environment through a variety of enjoyable events.”

    Next event: CNY Special: ABACUS Makes Dumplings on Monday 30th January - drop-in anytime between 16:00 and 18:45 in SUHQ MR4/5. Inviting everyone to take part in the Chinese New Year festive spirit and prepare dumplings. 
    Facebook: Warwick ABACUS or
    Instagram: @warwickabacus

    Join ABACUS at 

    Climate Reality Campus Corps 

    “CRCC is a society that aims to make Warwick an entirely sustainable campus. But more than this, we want to ensure a lasting change in policy, leading the way in student activism when it comes to environmental crisis. Our main goal is to tackle the greatest global challenge of our lifetime: runaway climate change.”

    Next event: Our next event will be on Sustainable Real Estate, with a speakers panel discussing what measures can be implemented in the residential and commercial real estate sector in order for them to transition to a carbon neutral sector. We also have Go Green Week coming up during which we will hold a societies' fair if students want to meet our execs and a careers’ fair which will give an insight on various environmental/sustainable jobs. We’ll also have a stall at Warwick Congress, and would love to see new faces there!

    Facebook link:    
    Twitter link: @CRcampuscorps 

    Join Climate Reality Campus Corps at 

    Warwick Croquet Society

    “Warwick Croquet Society is a brand new and exciting society, here to bring you the best of British tradition in a laid back and friendly setting. We welcome players of all abilities (including those without any at all). Get involved on the Facebook group, sign up to be a member FOR FREE, and look out for upcoming socials.”

    Next event: We have yet to arrange any socials, but hopefully this be soon and we will update the Facebook page!

    Join Croquet Society at 

    Krishna Consciousness Society

    “The Krishna Consciousness Society aims to provide a platform for like minded individuals to discover spiritual solutions to material problems. The aim of this society is to establish the importance of principles and values in our daily lives through a spiritual perspective. The objective is to provide a simple, practical version of spirituality and self-consciousness through talks, meditation seminars, engaging trips and events”
    Next event: Debate on Vegetarianism (Thursday 26th January 2017)


    Join Krishna Conciousness at

    Warwick Marxists

    “We aim to understand and promote the ideas of Karl Marx, Fredrich Engels, Lenin and Tortsky as well as countless other Marxist thinkers on campus. In times of rapid and turbulent change as the capitalist system goes into its greatest crisis ever we aim to discover how to change it.”
    Next event: We have three key events coming up - Open Organisational Meeting and Exec elections (01/02), Black Lives Matter: Fighting Racism in the 21st century (02/02), and The Communist Manifesto reading group (06/02)

    Facebook Page:
    Facebook Group:
    Youtube Channel: 

    Join Warwick Marxists at 

    Warwick Nintendo Society

    “We are a society for people who love Nintendo games, including Mario, Pokemon and more. We have events twice a week, with one focusing on both casual and competitive Smash Bros. Around March 3rd we’ll be “Switch”ing things up with the newest Nintendo Console, so come join and play!!”

    Next event: Our next event is Manic Monday, where we play pretty much all of the games under the sun on from 6-10pm in R0.03/0.04 but if that turns out to be short notice. We have Smash Wednesday from 2-10pm in R1.15.

    Twitter: @warwicknintendo

    Join Nintendo Society at 

    Warwick Portuguese Speaking Society

    "The Warwick Portuguese Speaking Society aims at enhancing and promoting different aspects of the cultures of such diverse Lusophone countries as Brazil, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Angola, Sao Tome and Principe, Mozambique and Cape Verde. To this effect we are a small driven community aiming especially at organising events around linguistic, musical and festive themes."


    Join Portuguese Speaking Society at 

    Warwick Skate Society

    “The society is for anyone with a interest in skateboarding and the culture that surrounds it, whether this is a new or longstanding interest, all are welcome. We will be running skate sessions once the weather improves in Leamington and Coventry. Other events will be coming soon so keep an eye on our Facebook page.”
    Next evet: We are currently working on events but have nothing concrete due to unpredictable weather.


    Join Warwick Skate at 


    Please do consider joining these societies online and pop along to their events!

    All the best, 

    Marissa x

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