Part-Time & Mature Students' Officer

The Part-Time and Mature Students' Officer sits as Student Council and Chairs the Part-Time and Mature Students Committee.

The Part-Time and Mature Students' Officer represents all part-time and mature students in the related department’s maintaining communication with staff, departments, SSLC’s and the Students’ Union. Raising awareness of issues affecting part-time and mature students in all areas and ensuring their views and opinions are reflected in all areas of Union and University activity.

Part-Time and Mature Students' Officer: Mohammed Faisal 


Hey There! My name is Faisal aka Faizi and I’m your Part Time and Mature Students Officer. Many of us are here at Warwick are not into Full Time study and that’s where the gap lies. To associate and keep up to date with what’s happening around us at Warwick and the SU. This is where I fit in and it is my responsibility to ensure that all of us who are not here full time are represented and our voice is heard during each decision that the SU takes.

To ensure that we as a community are well represented in the SU’s democratic decision making process it is important to spread awareness amongst all of us. The idea is to create an experience for each one of us where we feel included and can make most of our time here at Warwick.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me in case you need any help. It would be great to hear your valuable suggestions on how we at the SU can help make this experience a better one for you.

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