Liberation Officers

Liberation Officers work to ensure that the voices of underrepresented groups are heard on campus. They each run campaigns and themed weeks designed to raise awareness of issues affecting Warwick students’ lives.

Disabled Students' Officer

  • Melissa P. Martin

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    Hello, I’m Melissa and I’m delighted to have been re-elected as your Disabled Students’ Officer once again following a year in office. I hope to build on the work that I did within post last year, with the primary aims of improved disability awareness, better integration of disabled students into the wider community and celebration of diversity and disabled students’ achievements. I hope to achieve these goals through focusing specifically on academic access, access to the university campus and access to SU activities - including volunteering, societies and sports clubs - working closely with the entire team of officers at the SU and with Warwick Enable, the SU’s own dedicated disability liberation society.
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    If you think I can help you, your SSLC, society or sports club, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached via email at or alternatively on Facebook through my official account ‘Melissa Martin DSO’. As a student officer, I have a very busy schedule, but will endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible.

Ethnic Minorities Officer

  • Maatin Adewunmi

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    As the Ethnic Minorities Officer, I’ll be representing all BME students on campus and will hopefully be able to help anyone with any issues which may arise during the year. I’ll be focusing on tackling all types of discrimination, no matter what form it may take. I’ll also be providing support for the welfare of all students who come from minority ethnic backgrounds, with a particular focus on mental health - a problem that’s chronically overlooked in BME communities. In addition, I’ll be organising events to increase collaboration between differing cultural societies and to celebrate role-models from the BME community.

Womens' Officer

  • Emma Coleman

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    I’m a second-year History and Politics student. This year, I want to ensure real change for women across the university, from our academic opportunities to nights out! Promoting gender equality in the curriculum and breaking down destructive stereotypes is a key focus for me, to ensure that no one loses out because of their gender.
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    I want to use the momentum created by the #WeGetConsent campaign to expand its reach. There is a big opportunity to push for improvements to how the University deals with sexual harassment, with the newly-created Ambassadors team and pressure on the University to step up.

    I will build on the excellent work of Amy and Laura last year to better the mental health provision for women. I hope to work with the full-time Student Officers and other Part-Time Officers this year for whom mental health is a top priority to launch an effective campaign.

    Listening directly to what the women’s community wants and needs is really important to me, to ensure that the campaigns I run are addressing people’s real concerns – therefore, I will be running termly safe-space caucus meetings open to all women at Warwick to hear from you.

LGBTUA+ Officer

  • Josh Johnson

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    Hi! I’m Josh (he/him), a third-year History student. I am excited to be running campaigns on behalf of my community as the LGBTUA+ Officer this year. I am confident in the task of solidifying Warwick as a place where every LGBTUA+ individual can reach their full potential without fear of discrimination, judgement or rejection, and I look forward to building on the fantastic work of previous Officers in achieving this!
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    This year, my main focus will be empowerment and connectivity, opening more lines of communication both within and around the community. I will be running campaigns which aim to not only expand the reach of our community, but empower us to safely and confidently speak out against stigma and harassment. This will affect your own time at Warwick, while ensuring that support against LGBTUA+ phobia also reaches beyond this so that graduates understand the support systems available to them in the world of work.

    Student health and wellbeing is also a priority, ensuring that we can access tailored information which takes into account the LGBTUA+ experience, with particular emphasis on mental health provisions. I’ll also be building on the gains of the #ReshapingSport campaign in kicking LGBTUA+ phobia out of sport, and hope to work with other Officers in supporting LGBTUA+ students to enjoy the benefits of exercise.


Trans Students' Officer

  • Alex Lythall

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    I'm Alex and I'm super excited to be your Trans Students' Officer for 2018-2019. I've got lots of exciting ideas, including pronoun badge campaigns, more gender-neutral toilets, plus additional workshops and awareness campaigns. I'm always happy to hear from the community, so please don't hesitate to contact me for advice and help or if you have any suggestions for campaigns. I will be holding community drop-in sessions throughout the year- look out for them on social media. If you'd like to be involved with campaigns and receive regular updates, please sign up for the mailing list by emailing me. :)