Environment & Ethics Officer

The Environment & Ethics Officer leads on campaigns such as lobbying the university to provide comprehensive recycling facilities in halls of residences, and reducing food waste across campus. They also coordinate our annual Go Green Week, and advise the Union on sustainability issues and our environmental & ethical policy.

Environment & Ethics Officer

  • Keir Lawson

    Email me via ethics_environment@warwicksu.com

    Hi, I’m Keir and I am your Environment and Ethics Officer. It's my responsibility to ensure that the SU works to reduce its impact on our environment, and that we constantly push for what you, our members, want and need. We've already achieved so much: the fabulous Green Week, Gold 'Green Impact' awards and campaigns to make small changes with a big green difference. My manifesto sets out key areas that I'll be working on, creating a more sustainable, accessible and ethical union. The growth of our 'green' community on campus opens more avenues for great achievements and co-operation, and I'll be working hard to champion those, and every voice, within the SU.
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    My role benefits from close co-working with all the other officers, including a push for better mental health provision with Leo, responsibly priced and sourced food with Ben, and a more welcoming built environment with Melissa. If you want to get involved with a campaign or just have a great idea, get in touch. As a part-time officer I have reduced hours but I'm always around via email (ethics_environment@warwicksu.com) or on messenger (m.me/WSUenvethics). Let's keep our campus green and our air clean, have an amazing year!