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Hi there! My name's Hope and I'll be your Education Officer in the Students' Union for the coming year.

On a campus level, my role is to ensure that the interests and wellbeing of students are prioritised throughout your academic journey here at Warwick. I'll be sitting on various academic committees and making sure that the student voice is heard loud and clear. I'll also be working closely with the Education Exec, in addition to the hundreds of Course Reps across campus who play such a crucial role in representing students at a departmental level.

Nationally, with Higher Education facing potentially the most drastic changes in decades, I will ensure that students are kept up-to-date and informed in this fast-moving political landscape, as well as facilitating and supporting campaigning around these issues. Education-related activism was such a pivotal part of my time as a student and I want to make sure every single student has the opportunity to get involved too!

If you have any questions or ideas, please do not hesitate to get in touch - I hope you have a brilliant year!

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The Education Officer's office is on the top floor of SUHQ.

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  • Fri 21 Jul 2017 10:07

    As my time as your Education Officer draws to a close, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the work that I have done this year to push for an education system which puts the interest and wellbeing of students at its heart - on both a local and national level. Though I won’t try to detail every single committee, meeting, project and email that have constituted my year in office, I’d like to share with you some of this year’s key achievements:

    • Helped to stop a tuition fee rise for current students, collectively saving students around £4 million

      • When the University informed us at the start of the year that they planned to increase tuition fees for current students in the middle of their course, we made it abundantly clear that that was totally unacceptable, and that the Students’ Union would oppose these plans by any means necessary. In the wake of this pressure, the University chose to drop these plans.

    • Helped win a lecture-free Freshers Week for all students

      • This was truly a team effort and the culmination of a 10-year long SU campaign. As part of this final phase, I had various one-to-one lobbying meetings with staff and delivered speeches at key University Committee meetings including Senate, where it was finally approved back in February.

    • Piloted an academic module on tackling sexual violence in two departments

      • The Intervention Initiative is a groundbreaking course which looks in depth at issues of sexism, gender norms, lad culture, sexual assault, domestic abuse and, crucially, how we all have a role to play in taking action against them. This year I was trained in this module alongside several SU staff, and we delivered it to two groups of self-selecting students. The feedback we had from those students who took part in the pilot was overwhelmingly positive, and we are currently working with the University to develop and expand this initiative further next year. Read more about the project in my officer blog here.

    • Mobilised over 100 Warwick students (alongside other officers) for the national demo against attacks to education

      • This number made us the biggest travelling delegation in the whole country, demonstrating the passion in the Warwick student body for fighting tuition fee rises and the marketisation of Higher Education. At the demo, we marched alongside thousands of other students and education workers who shared this passion. Read more about the reforms to Higher Education in my officer blog here.

    • Successfully supported student activists in forcing the University to scrap the protest injunction

      • The draconian protest injunction, which impinged on the fundamental rights of all students, was lifted as a result of the student occupation that took place in December 2016. The SU, having policy which supported all of the demands of the occupation, played a key role in mediating and facilitating negotiations that were ultimately successful.

    • Revamped Course Rep training and delivered it to over 200 student reps alongside the Postgrad Officer

    • Initiated a project to provide additional study space by adapting existing unused campus spaces, which will see several results in the coming academic year.

    • Submitted evidence alongside the Postgrad Officer to the UK Parliamentary Committee for the Higher Education and Research Bill

      • This submission detailed our concerns around how the HE Bill will negatively impact on students and staff, and was cited in a House of Lords debate.

    • Worked with the Modern Records Centre to put on an educational exhibition for Holocaust Memorial Day

      • This exhibition covered key themes of the Holocaust itself, other modern genocides, how refugee crises link in with such atrocities, together with the way in which both fascism and anti-fascist resistance have manifested since the Holocaust.

    • Researched, prepared and presented a paper on additional course costs to the University’s Academic Quality & Standards Committee which was passed

      • This means that the University has adopted several key principles around lifting course costs from students and has also commissioned further work to be done to make these principles a reality. These principles include the notion that departments should cover the cost of all mandatory assignment/essay/dissertation/thesis printing and/or binding, that all students should receive an allocation of free printer credits at the start of each academic year, and that all departments should strive for all core texts to be available to students free of charge. The Students' Union will be building on this work in the coming academic year!

    • Launched Discover My Module alongside the Education Exec

      • This is a tool which allows students to share insight on modules they’ve taken with fellow students, to help them make more informed choices about what they study. 

    • Launched Liberate My Module alongside the Postgrad Officer

      • This is a tool which enables students to share their thoughts on how well modules they’ve taken have embedded issues of equality, diversity and liberation within the curriculum and learning environment.

    • Launched the #FixTheFees campaign alongside other officers, which aims to push for an international fee system which is consistent, fair and transparent.

      • In this campaign we are demanding no mid-course fee increases for current students, a cap on fee increases for new students and an individual transparent tuition fee breakdown for every single international student. The petition already has hundreds of signatures, and we will be continuing to build this campaign as a union in the coming academic year.

    I am very proud of the work we’ve done as an SU this year, and I hope that you are too. As I move into my new role as your SU President, I will be striving to build upon the achievements detailed above and to channel the knowledge and experience I’ve gained this year into fighting for your education, wellbeing, rights and enrichment at every level.

    For those who are leaving us this year - thank you, goodbye and massive good luck for your future endeavours. For those who will be returning in the Autumn term - have a wonderful and relaxing summer break, and see you in a few months!


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The election for Education Officer takes place during the Officer Elections in term 2.