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Hi there! My name's Hope and I'll be your Education Officer in the Students' Union for the coming year.

On a campus level, my role is to ensure that the interests and wellbeing of students are prioritised throughout your academic journey here at Warwick. I'll be sitting on various academic committees and making sure that the student voice is heard loud and clear. I'll also be working closely with the Education Exec, in addition to the hundreds of Course Reps across campus who play such a crucial role in representing students at a departmental level.

Nationally, with Higher Education facing potentially the most drastic changes in decades, I will ensure that students are kept up-to-date and informed in this fast-moving political landscape, as well as facilitating and supporting campaigning around these issues. Education-related activism was such a pivotal part of my time as a student and I want to make sure every single student has the opportunity to get involved too!

If you have any questions or ideas, please do not hesitate to get in touch - I hope you have a brilliant year!

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The Education Officer's office is on the top floor of SUHQ.

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  • Fri 12 May 2017 11:56

    I’m sure that at some point during their degree, every single student has thought about changes that could be made to their course, department, faculty or the University as a whole which would improve and enhance our academic experience. Universities are constantly evolving institutions, and our student community is full to the brim of ideas about the direction in which Warwick should be moving.

    However, it’s one thing to have plenty of ideas for change; making those ideas a reality is where the real challenge lies.

    During my time as Education Officer, I have had the absolute pleasure of getting to know so many fantastic student Course Representatives from departments all across the university who are working to do just that. Warwick has a community of over 700 Course Reps who dedicate their time on an entirely voluntary basis to collecting students’ views, raising them with the University and campaigning to enact change. Course Reps are an absolutely essential part of the Students’ Union, acting as our eyes and ears on the ground in every single department to ensure the student voice is both heard and acted upon. This role is by no means easy, but the impact it can have is felt by student cohorts both now and in the future who benefit from an enhanced academic experience.

    As an SU, it is so incredibly important that we therefore take time to recognise and celebrate just how much our Course Reps achieve! So without further ado, check out this (by no means complete!) list of wins that Course Reps have secured over the last year or so:

    • Securing lecture capture in certain modules
    • Successfully lobbying for greater provision of written lectures
    • Contributing to reform of the personal tutoring system
    • Creating an alternative marking system based on student consultations
    • Moving submission deadlines for assessed work
    • Organising revision rooms on campus in Term 3 so that students can escape a packed Library
    • Convincing a department to provide printer credits for all undergraduates
    • Successfully lobbying for free hot chocolate in a common room
    • Organising social gatherings for students from postgraduate courses
    • Creating and running several social and academic events, including a dissertation café
    • Assisting students with formal complaints procedures
    • Creating a new module within the curriculum
    • Running exam workshops
    • Organising a module fair for students to enhance module choice processes


    As an SU, we are so immensely proud of these achievements, and we would like to extend our thanks to every single Course Rep who has contributed to pushing for positive change here at Warwick.

    As such, we will be holding our annual Course Rep & Exec Awards on Friday 19th May, 5:30pm in the Terrace Bar, to recognise and reward the achievements of reps, SU execs and part-time officers throughout this academic year. If you’d like to nominate a Course Rep for special recognition, you can do so online now – details can be found on the Facebook event.

    There will be free drinks and refreshments for a limited time, so make sure you get there early to join the celebrations. See you there!

Hope's Election

The election for Education Officer takes place during the Officer Elections in term 2.