All Student Vote

The All Student Vote is a chance to debate the hot topics and policy motions that students have submitted to make a change at your Union.

Students are first invited to attend an All Student Meeting to debate the motions submitted by fellow students, before voting online.

The meeting for the All Student Vote is Monday 20th May at 5pm in the SU Atrium.

You can read the motions that will be debated and voted on below.


To formally register a campaign for/against any motions please contact before the deadline at 12noon Monday 4th February, and bring your £20 refundable deposit to a member of the Democracy Team.

The benefits of registering your campaign include having your FOR or AGAINST statements go on the website for students to view at the point of voting, and being able to reclaim up to £15 in expenses for your campaign. It is not compulsory to register a campaign. All campaigners will have the opportunity to receive a campaign briefing. 


Adjudication Panel – Emergency Rulings:

Please find below the Emergency Rulings made by the adjudication panel during the All Student Vote campaigns period. These rulings will also be emailed directly to all registered campaign teams.

There are currently no rulings available.

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