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Pressure Drop Tips

Luke Shortland's study tips

Mon 11 May 2020

Eat well. This doesn’t mean “eat nothing but salad like a rabbit” (who am I kidding) but try to make sure the food you eat makes you feel happy both at the time of eating, and the time 45 minutes after eating.Read more

Raheema Sivardeen's study tips

Mon 11 May 2020

Change your study space by working at your dining table in the morning and your bedroom desk in the afternoon.Read more

Connor Hope's study tips

Mon 11 May 2020

To help me not feel the need to go on random websites, I find it useful to have something non-distracting to passively entertain me in the background.Read more

Eunice Soo's study tips

Mon 11 May 2020

after a task is complete, reward yourself with a small treat, or a 5-minute break. This way, you will look forward to completing the set task.Read more

Biraj Dhungana's study tips

Mon 11 May 2020

When you feel stressful clean your room and areas around you. The stress will get released with time and you will also utilize the time that would have otherwise wasted unproductively.Read more

Alice Saunders' study tips

Mon 11 May 2020

If you can’t reset your sleeping pattern (hi coronavirus) think about how your day is divided and when your meals should be so you don’t end up endlessly snacking and clocking off for the day too early.Read more