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Move out without losing out using our resources below:

  • weekly countdowns to help you plan your move,
  • relevant local services & events, and
  • tips on how to reduce waste sent to landfill.

Moving Out Countdown

Save Time. Save Money.

8 Weeks To Move Out

8 Weeks To Move Out checklist

6 Weeks To Move Out

6 Weeks To Move Out checklist

4 Weeks To Move Out

4 Weeks To Move Out checklist

3 Weeks To Move Out

3 Weeks To Move Out checklist

2 Weeks To Move Out

2 Weeks To Move Out checklist

1 Week To Move Out

1 Week To Move Out checklist

Move Out Day

Moving out day checklist

Get Your Deposit Back

Get Your Deposit Back checklist

Full Checklist

Full Moving Out checklist

Information & Updates

Don't Miss Out...

Sell or give away items you no longer want locally using Warwick's Paperclip site.

The SU will be running a clothing swap shop in week 7.

Find out how to donate your clothes and take part here.

Reduce the amount of food waste you create with handy tips from our Not For The Bin campaign.

RAWKUS are looking for volunteers to assist with their end-of-term food and kitchen equipment collection.

Sign-up as a volunteer here.

Want an easy way to update your address with different services?

Check out iammoving.com

Join the food sharing revolution with OLIO so surplus food and other items can be shared.

7 Ways To Reduce Waste

Save The Planet!

Give Away
  • Contact a storage company to arrange storage for some of your belongings over the vacation period.
Take Home
  • Plan in advance how much you can take with you when you travel home, and be realistic to avoid having to ditch things on move out day.
  • Tip: Ask local supermarkets and shops whether they have any cardboard boxes you can have to pack your possessions in.

Please ensure that any waste sent to landfill could not be reused or recycled via one of the routes above!