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Ethical Eats Ethos

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What is our Ethical Eats Ethos?

Food is vital. How we produce it and consume it has a great impact on the world around us – on other humans, on animals, on the environment. Warwick students know this. This is why the Ethical Eats Ethos was written into SU policy in 2016 by a sweeping democratic victory.

What does this mean?

You asked the SU to help you by offering food that suits your values, as well as your taste buds. The policy means:

  • At least one in three of the starters and one in three of the main courses available at Xananas and the Dirty Duck will be vegetarian or vegan.
  • Meat, fish, and dairy-free versions of your favourite dishes will be made available.
  • The SU will promote these dishes as protecting the environment, animals, and people.

Bread Oven

Bread Oven logo
  • Vegan chicken is available as a standard menu item
  • Takes part in the Meat Free Mondays scheme
  • Paper rather than plastic wraps are used for baguettes
  • Glass bottled water is available as an alternative to plastic
  • Reusable meal deal bags are available


Curiositea logo
  • Soya, almond and coconut milks are available
  • There is an expanding range of vegan cakes
  • All straws are paper, and only used upon request
  • Signage encourages people not to use lids or straws unless necessary

Dirty Duck

Dirty Duck logo
  • Glass cups rather than plastic are available near the water dispenser
  • All straws are paper, and only used upon request
  • Napkins are made from recycled material
  • Biodegradable disposable containers are used for take-away items
  • Consumables such as sauce pots are compostable
  • Take away cutlery is made of wood rather than plastic
  • Took part in Veganuary with new dishes such as Quorn nuggets and chips, mushroom pie, and carrot & parsnip burgers
  • Takes part in the Meat Free Mondays scheme with weekly dishes such as vegetable lasagne, falafel burgers and jacket potatoes
  • Vegetarian and vegan standard menu items include nachos, goats cheese salad, thai vegetable curry, veggie enchilada, three bean chilli and stir fry
  • North Cotswold Brewery ale supplier recycle all their mash to benefit a charity driven farm supporting children with learning difficulties, and undertook a project to reuce water usage and carbon dioxide output
  • Sillhill Brewery ale supplier are introducing solar panel heating for their water

What next?

The Students’ Union will continue to monitor and change the range of Ethical Eats products to match the needs and expectations of the membership, striving to increase the options in line with the demand.

You can take a closer look at all our outlets and their menus here.