Week 9

Warwick Anti-Casualisation

Hundreds of postgraduate teachers and other hourly-paid workers are not receiving a fair deal. Warwick Anti-Casualisation’s '6 Demands' campaign outlines what steps are needed to improve the situation. Read the '6 Demands', then sign and share the petition at http://bit.ly/6demands!

Campaigns Network

Come along on the Campaigns Network event on Friday to chat with other Warwick campaigners, share ideas, organise, forge links, and generally get to know one another and your respective causes.

NUS Regions Event

NUS is organising termly events where officers and students in the same region can come together to share experiences and best practice, discuss local and national issues and coordinate action. Register for your free place here.

Disability & Sexism: An Underexamined Intersection

Join Warwick Anti Sexism Society (WASS) and Warwick Enable for a crucial talk on the intersections of disability and gender, a largely unexamined topic. The talk will be delivered by Katie Foy from Enable, covering how sexism affects diagnosis and treatment, how ableism hinders reproductive rights, the portrayal of people with disabilities in media and literature, as well as plenty of other topics surrounding the issue!

Housing Day

There are many myths about student housing, so it's important that you don't rush into a decision that you could end up regretting later on. Your choice of off-campus accommodation will have a major impact on your year, and we want to help you make the right choice! Come along to the SU's Housing Day on Wednesday 30th November to chat to members of the SU Advice Centre team, Warwick Accommodation, Sabbatical Officers, community organisations and other students about your different options.

Reading Club

WASS’s Reading Club continues this week, so stop by the shiny new Oculus building for another relaxed session. This week’s topic asks whether in the age of 'self-motivation' and 'positive thinking', we can really smile our way out of any problem, talking about self-love and when it can be effective - and when it can't.

‘Demain’ Screening

Join Warwick Allotment Society to watch ‘Demain’ (‘Tomorrow’) and take part in the discussion afterwards. You can check out the film on IMDb here.

Mental Health & Disability

This talk, jointly organised by Warwick Enable and Warwick Mind Aware, will be focused on understanding the relationship between mental health and disability, exploring the question "do mental health issues count as a disability?" and broader themes relating to identity, discrimination, and the support provided by the university.

Who Are Ya? Sports Speaker Series

In anticipation of the "Who Are Ya?" Sports Speaker Series launching at the end of January - which aims to discuss identity and inequality within sport and society - critically acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Show 'Odd Shaped Balls' will be at the Warwick Arts Centre for one night ONLY to kick off the conversation around homophobia within sport. Check out the event details for how to register.

We will also be hosting Caravan Theatre on the same day(!), who will be performing their play on sexual harassment 'Can't Touch This' on the piazza from 11.30am until 3.45pm!

How To Tell A Friend…

Do you ever want to share the fact that you are having mental health problems to someone but not quite sure how to go about it? This fantastic campaign by Warwick Mind Aware is helping people to talk to their friends, partners, and family about mental health. Check out their new blog for different ways to open up about your mental health.

Warwick’s Institutional Teaching & Learning Review (LTLR)

Warwick’s ITLR 2017 will review teaching and learning provision across all academic departments between 16th–27th January 2017, at undergraduate, postgraduate taught, postgraduate research and post-experience levels. To express your interest in becoming a student representative on this project, please fill out your details on the sign-up form linked on this page.

If you'd like to submit a campaign or action to feature in the weekly round-up, email the details to campaigns@warwicksu.com.