Week 4

Stuck for things to get involved with this week? Want to support your fellow campaigners? Get going with this week’s list!

Asexual Awareness Week

Check out Warwick Pride’s Facebook page for more information about asexuality each day this week! There are also two events running, ‘Asexuality 101’ on Thursday and a screening of (A)sexual on Friday.

Influencing Parliament Workshop

Fed up of ‘writing to your MP’ or petitioning them with no response? In this session next Wednesday you’ll learn how to pick the right engagement method for your campaigns, how to build a relationship with members of Parliament, and find out more about how Parliament works and your route to getting your own way! Check out our Facebook event!

HE Bill Demo

You can now buy your coach tickets for the HE Bill demo on the SU website! Tickets are £5 for students, £10.50 for non-students. There’s a limited number available, so don’t delay!

Black History Month

Up next in this year’s superb programme of events, ‘Racism in Sports’ is on Wednesday 26th at 6pm in MS.03! The event will discuss questions such as ‘Is using sport for protest as valuable as other forms of protest against racism?’ and ‘’Why is it that more successful black athletes are not celebrated in equal measures as their white counterparts?’.

Rainbow Wristbands

Pick yourself up a rainbow wristband to wear from SUHQ Lounge, in support of LGBTUA+ equality! Better yet, pick up two - one for you, one for a friend!

Mind Aware

We know homesickness can be tough, especially at the beginning of term, so come along and join Mind Aware on Wednesday for an afternoon of therapeutic craft decorating boxes. Keep the boxes and fill them with things that remind you of home! Stick around for their ‘Time to Talk’ evening discussion group on the theme ‘What does mental health mean to me?’.

InterFaith Week Planning

The week of November 13th is InterFaith Week 2016. If you’re interested in getting involved with the planning, email campaigns@warwicksu.com and we’ll put you in touch with the current organisers!

Islamic Charity Week

This week is Warwick Islamic Society’s Charity Week 2016! Take a look at the events here - perhaps a spot of sumo wrestling on the piazza on Wednesday?

If you have any campaigns actions to add, email them to us at campaigns@warwicksu.com, or leave a comment with the details!