We want to support you in MAKING CHANGE so we’ve organised an exciting programme of events to run throughout the year.

In addition, if you attend 6 or more of the events in this series, you’ll be awarded an SU certificate which certifies your completion of the MAKING CHANGE series and your new title of SU Change Ambassador!

Next up...

'Be The Candidate' Briefings
Sessions throughout Week 4 | Details here.
"Interested in running for a position in the upcoming Officer Elections and want to find out more about what's involved? Our ‘Be The Candidate’ Sessions are designed as an introduction to SU democracy and the elections process. These sessions are specifically targeted at under represented groups in politics, both at Warwick and beyond. If you’re thinking of standing for election, are part of a campaign team, or even just interested about achieving greater diversity amongst our SU representatives, then come along! These will be informal discussion sessions and don’t bind you to standing."
Check out the times of each session here.
Spotlight: Social Media & Viral Campaigning
Wednesday Week 5 | 4-5pm | OC1.07
"Is that Facebook advert worth it? How do you make social media content go viral? Come along and chat with campaigners who've made the most of social media and digital content in their campaigns. We'd encourage you to bring a laptop/tablet to this session, so you can get stuck straight in!"
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Welfare for Campaigners
Wednesday Week 7 | 3-4pm | R0.14
"We're all guilty of it - giving too much and not leaving enough time or energy for ourselves. So how do you balance life as a campaigner with looking after your own wellbeing? This session brings together campaigners and wellbeing professionals in an informal environment to find out just that."
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Supporting Women's Campaigns As A Non-Woman
Monday Week 9 | 1-2pm | S0.13
"Ever wondered where you fit into women's campaigns? Want to speak out against sexism without speaking over women? Come along and listen to Warwick campaigners talk about their experiences and hopes for the future of non-women's involvement in women's campaigns. This event is open to people of all genders."
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Future events in the series…

(Please be aware that week numbers are subject to change.)

Term 2, Week TBC - Know Your Rights (Green & Black Cross)
Term 2, Week 4 - Be The Candidate sessions
Term 2, Week 5 - Spotlight: Social Media & Viral Campaigning
Term 2, Week 7 - Welfare for Campaigners
Term 2, Week 9 - Supporting Women's Campaigns as a Non-Woman
Term 2, Week 10 - Running Accessible Events

Term 3, Week 1 - Legal Observing
Term 3, Week 2 - Working with Liberation Communities
Term 3, Week 3 - Spotlight: Non-Violent Direct Action

Past events in this series…

Influencing Parliament workshop, facilitated by Parliamentary Outreach
Wednesday week 5 | 2-4pm | OC0.01 (The Oculus)

“Fed up of ‘writing to your MP’ or petitioning them with no response? In this session you’ll learn how to pick the right engagement method for your campaigns, how to build a relationship with members of Parliament, and find out more about how Parliament works and your route to getting your own way!”

Mental Health First Aid, facilitated by Sarah Ashworth
Thursday week 7 | 2-4pm | S0.08

“Our most popular request during consultation, this workshop will look at the context of mental health at university, signs that might indicate someone is experiencing difficulties, how you can respond, as well as evidence based strategies for improving mental health and wellbeing.”

Disclosure Referral Training, facilitated by the SU’s Advice Centre Manager
Thursday week 8 | 2-3pm | SUHQ Central Meeting Room

“CN: Sexual assault, domestic violence. Students are often the first people other students disclose to, whether it’s about mental health issues they’re facing, incidents of domestic violence, sexual assault, or any one of a number of other sensitive topics. Would you know where to refer someone following a disclosure? Do you worry you’d struggle to find the right words of support? This session seeks to equip you to to do just that. This event may be of particular interest to club & society exec members, particularly those in welfare officer and president positions.”

Facilitating Safer Spaces & Promoting A Culture of Consent
Wednesday Term 2, Week 2 | 3-4pm | R1.04

“Whether you're a society exec member, elected officer, or otherwise, we all share a responsibility to ensure the spaces we facilitate are accessible to those of all identities and experiences. This session seeks to help you to share best practise and develop strategies to facilitate safer spaces, and to promote a culture of consent.”

If you have any questions, or would like further information about any of the events in this series, contact the SU’s Campaigns Coordinator.

If you have any access requirements you would like us to be aware of, please do get in touch.