Welfare Campaigns

Warwick SU has a full-time Welfare & Campaigns Officer. The SU Welfare Exec is formed of the Welfare & Campaigns Officer and 8 directly elected members from the student body, with two places reserved for Mental Health Awareness Representatives.


Sexual violence and harassment are widespread problems that exist across society, and every single one of us has a responsibility to acknowledge and take action to tackle it.

First Aid with Warwick LINKS

Join Warwick LINKS to find out more about different aspects of first aid throughout termtime.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Join us in campaigning for greater mental health awareness, and find opportunities to support your own mind & wellbeing!

Bereavement Support Group

A weekly support group where people can discuss their experiences of bereavement or come to listen to other people talk about their experiences.

Are You OK?

‘Are You OK?’ is all about being more open about mental health and wellbeing, promoting dialogue between friends and acknowledging when things are tough so that we can put them right.

Sexual Health

The SU organises a series of GUM Clinics each year for students, which are a free confidential drop-in service that offers testing for sexually-transmitted infections (STIs).

Free Periods

The SU believes that menstrual care products is an unfair burden placed on those that need them, and provides a limited amount of menstrual care products to those in need.

Welfare Zone Policy

All SU policy related to Welfare, such as issues relating to housing, healthcare and students in the community.

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