Next event: Postgrad Connections - Imposter Syndrome and Isolation, Thursday 13th December, 4:30-7pm in The Graduate.

Postgrad study is hard, and needs focus and attention. But it’s important that you stay happy, healthy, and look out for those around you. We’re all in the same boat, so stick together and stay connected.

Postgrad Connections is all about supporting Warwick students through their postgrad life. It’s to raise awareness of the issues that postgrads face, such as isolation and loneliness, and provide a range of resources to help prevent these issues, as well as support them through it.

Take our quiz to see how well you’re doing at the little things in life – because who doesn’t love a little bit of procrastination?

And if you find you’re not doing some things as good as you should be, then check out our top tips on looking after yourself and making your work life a little more effective.

This is a very simple one, but when you’re deep in research, it’s so easy for hours to pass without you ever talking to anyone. Sometimes, it can be the whole day, and that really isn’t good. Next time you go and get a coffee, have a chat with someone. It could be a friend you bump into, one of the library staff, or the people serving you in the café. It doesn’t have to be for long, but it’ll make a big difference to you.

The PG Hub run a number of weekly wellbeing events where you can meet and chat to other students over a cup of coffee and a piece of fruit.

When you’re deep in study, it is so easy to let your eating habits to fall away and instead just snack on all the unhealthy stuff: cakes, chocolate, takeaways. Your excuse will probably be that you haven’t got time to cook properly, but it is so important for your wellbeing to try and stick to a good diet (whatever that may look like for you).

Check out our recipe cards for some healthy meal ideas that won’t eat too much into your day!

We understand that people have different work patterns and times of productivity, so we’re not expecting everyone to go to bed at the same times. What’s important is that you have a regular sleep pattern and a good amount of sleep – between six and eight hours a night. If you struggle with this, check out this article from the Mental Health Foundation about the importance of good sleep, and some tips from the NHS about how to best fall asleep.

You’ve probably heard this a lot, but getting regular fresh air and doing exercise is crucial for your mental wellbeing. Don’t be stuck in the library – try and go for short walks during your lunch break just to stretch your legs and clear your head. Try and do some form of exercise at least once a week. Check out what sports clubs are available across campus for you to join. There’s also the Warwick Sport free Rock Up and Play sessions that take place. All of these are a great way to get outside, clear your head, and meet some new people.

As hard as you work, we all need a bit of down time away from our studies. You may think your partying days of university are over, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid all social activity altogether. Check out what upcoming PG events are taking place within the SU, or have a look at the wide range of societies we have on offer that you can join. Importantly, take some time out each week to meet up with your friends (new or old) and do something different.