Liberation & Diversity Campaigns

Warwick SU has eight liberation & diversity part-time officers who lead on the SU's liberation & diversity campaigns; the Ethnic Minorities Officer, LGBTUA+ Officer, Trans Officer, Disabled Students' Officer, Women's Officer, International (EU) Students' Officer, International (non-EU) Students' Officer, and the Part-time & Mature Students' Officer. Together they form the SU's Liberation & Diversity Exec.

NEW for 2017/18! Each Liberation & Diversity community now has its own community hub, complete with relevant news, events, and campaigns.

The Liberation & Diversity Officers

Ethnic Minorities Officer

Namir Chowdhury is the SU's Ethnic Minorities Officer for 2016/17.

LGBTUA+ Officer

Ryan Girard is the SU's LGBTUA+ Officer.

Trans Officer

Alex Lythall is the SU's LGBTUA+ Officer.

Disabled Students' Officer

Melissa Martin is the SU's Disabled Students' Officer.

Women's Officer

Amy Moores and Laura Addison are the SU's Women's Officers.

Part-Time & Mature Students' Officer

Anne-Marie Matthews is the SU's Part-Time & Mature Students' Officer.

International (EU) Students' Officer

Maria Lopez Forner is the SU's International (EU) Students' Officer.

International (non-EU) Students' Officer

Alisa Qian is the SU's Interational (non-EU) Students' Officer.

Liberation & Diversity Societies

Many Warwick SU societies campaign on liberation & diversity issues, including...

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Useful Links

Liberation and Diversity Zone

All policy related to liberation groups such as disabled students, women, ethnic minority and LGBT students.