Education Campaigns

Warwick SU has a full-time Education Officer, and a team of undergraduate and postgraduate faculty reps, as well as over 700 course reps. The SU Education Exec is formed of the Education Officer, the Postgraduate Officer (non-voting), the undergraduate faculty reps and 4 directly elected members from the student body.

Active Campaigns

Fix The Fees

For too long, international students have had an unfair deal when it comes to tuition fees. We demand consistency, fairness, and transparency.

"Hidden Histories" Alternative Lecture Series

Hidden Histories is an alternative lecture series run by staff and students at Warwick which seeks to explore often-erased stories of oppression and resistance

Liberate My Module

Diversity? Equality? Liberation? How well have the modules you've taken embedded these issues within the syllabus and learning environment?

Recorded Lectures

We at the SU want every lecture recorded by default across the university to ensure that no one ever has to miss a lecture again!

Warwick Inspire

Inspire is a student led project aimed at making Higher Education more accessible, by providing support for and raising aspirations of local schoolchildren.

Education Zone Policy

All policy relating to higher education and the university, such as funding, teaching & learning and support.

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If you would like more information about our Development & Environment campaigns, get in touch with us.

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