Fossil Free Warwick

On 8th July 2015, The University of Warwick’s University Council committed to divesting from fossil fuels, after two years of student and staff calls for the university to get out of coal, oil and gas.

Campaigners rejoiced as Warwick followed Glasgow, Bedfordshire, SOAS, Oxford, Edinburgh and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Disease to become the seventh university in the UK to pledge some form of fossil fuel divestment.

But the fight against the fossil fuel industry and for climate justice is not over yet. There remain plenty of frontiers on our university campuses that the fossil fuel industry still occupy and its power is still pervasive. The University of Warwick’s Modern Records Centre still hosts the BP Archive, where key research into renewable technologies is being concealed from the public, contrary to the BP Chairman’s recent statements. A great proportion of our campus is owned by the automotive industry, notorious for its support of climate change denialism and stalling of mitigation strategy.


Fossil Free Warwick meets weekly during term time, and can be found on Facebook and Twitter.