Postgraduates (Taught)

 “For students, the move to university is a personal investment of the cultural capital accrued through school and college education. It is also a signification social displacement, which may be intensified where the student is mature, is the first in their family to attend university, or is from an ethnic group under-represented in the university population.” (Briggs, Clark and Hall, 2012).

The context of the challenges faced today:

  • Rising international fees and uncertainty of immigration rules.
  • Lack of quality housing available on campus and in the area.
  • Worry of debt.
  • Mental health epidemic.
  • Pressure to excel in a crowded job market.

Postgraduate study is a time of concentrated and rigorous learning, combined with a period of transition; settling into a new area and adapting to a new routine. During times of transition – such as when starting postgraduate study – the pressure placed on students can feel unmanageable. Once you start postgraduate study, it’s difficult to find a time to pause and reflect because of the fast-paced and intense nature of the courses.

The Students’ Union is here to support you through the electrifying yet potentially terrifying time. Remember that there is no such thing  as ‘the average student’, thereby meaning there is no such thing as ‘the average student experience’.