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Why you should run for President in the Spring Elections

Being the President of Warwick Students’ Union is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was the best decision of my life to run for the role!

Where else can you be both a student as well as the leader, trustee and director of a large charity? Your name gets published on Companies House and the Charities Commission website… how sick is that?! You also get to lead, promote the interests of and shape the direction of the Union. From chairing the Board of Trustees and line-managing the Chief Executive to being the person designated to respond to press and media enquiries, it really is a genuine privilege to be in this kind of leadership role.

More importantly, however, you get to work full-time to advocate for and represent students at the highest possible levels at the University – as well as to other local, regional and national bodies. That is what it is really all about: campaigning for progressive change to students’ lives, at university, in the community, and in society and the wider world. As SU President, you serve as the organisation’s outward face to promote all of the advocacy, representation, entertainment and activity that goes on daily within the Union. You support the other Student Officers to succeed in what they want to do, from championing the rights of the most marginalised student communities to getting the best transport deal for all students. That is something special.

I won’t beat around the bush – it is extremely difficult at times! There are a lot of competing priorities: internally within the Union, with the University, with community groups and even within the student body itself. It is not easy. You will work long hours just to get things done, and you don’t get paid that much in the grand scheme of things. To do this job, you really need to care about making a difference to students and society. But if you do, please consider running for it. The Students’ Union needs a capable, caring and proactive leader to make things better at the University and beyond. If you have any questions or just want a chat, please email me or find me in SUHQ.

Nominate yourself here before Noon on 12th February: