National Insurance and Income Tax

National Insurance Number

To work in the UK

  • You need to have the legal right to work in the UK


  • Either have a National Insurance Number or applied for one

For information about National Insurance Numbers, including how to apply for one please see the Government page 

You need a National Insurance Number if you intend to work, claim benefits or apply for a student loan.

If you were a UK resident when you were 16 you should have had one sent to you automatically.

Income tax

You pay income tax on your income from paid employment. The tax is usually deducted from your salary, and how much you pay will depend on what you earn and any allowances you are eligible for.

For information on Income Tax please see the Government page

Claiming Income Tax Back

If you think you may have paid too much income tax please see the Government page 

Some of the situations when you may be able to get a tax refund (rebate):

  • You are employed and had too much income tax taken from your pay
  • You have stopped work
  • You have sent a tax return and paid too much tax
  • You have paid interest on savings and you are on a low income


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