Looking for Off Campus Accommodation

Looking for Accommodation can be a little daunting, and the Advisors at the Students’ Union Advice Centre understand this, so if you have any questions you should come in and see us. Finding the right accommodation for the year can make all the difference to your experience as a student.

It is really important not to rush into finding accommodation for the next year too early, particularly when you are new to the University. We would recommend taking time to decide who you are going to share with and consider all your options.

The first choice is whether to get Accommodation through Warwick Accommodation (there are certain advantages eg: no deposit, no guarantors and contract lengths appropriate to UG or PG needs) or with a private landlord.

Finding a Private Landlord

The Students’ Union Advice Centre has information on a selection of student friendly landlords and agents and we can give you the details.

Talk to other students to find out if they know of a good landlord, or take a walk around the area you want live in and see which agents are there.

Most landlords rent out their properties through agents. It is important to know how much you are going to be charged in arrangement fees by the landlord or agent, and that they are going to manage the property properly. If you are unsure about how your prospective landlord / agent deals with you then think about choosing another one. If the initial contact is not good, then ask yourself the question: How are they going deal with me if something goes wrong?

If you are renting from a private landlord you want an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. Be careful of taking accommodation where you are sharing with a resident landlord, as this type of accommodation cannot be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, regardless of what your landlord says and you will have a lot less legal protection, see Renting Accommodation for more information on assured shorthold tenancies and resident landlords

There are also rooms advertised on the Students’ Union Housemates Wanted Forum

How to Start Looking for Accommodation

  • Decide who you want to share with and the size of the group.
  • Where do you want to live? Coventry, Leamington or Kenilworth?
  • Look for available properties; See the Agents & Landlords list for student friendly providers.
  • View as many properties as possible and use the check list provided by the Students’ Union Advice Centre and then compare.
  • Ask questions of the present tenants (usually Warwick students) when viewing the property.
  • Once you have made your choice, keep calm and do not rush into signing the contract – get it checked by the Students’ Union Advice Centre.

Beware of landlords/agents who do not comply with all the statutory requirements, make sure you know your legal rights before agreeing to anything. Not all landlords/agents are honest and have integrity, we would caution about using social networking sites to find accommodation. Hopefully once you have read these housing pages you will know what your rights are.

If you have any questions make sure you ask them, and if you are not happy with the landlord/agent’s reply, look for somewhere else, there is other accommodation available.

Unfortunately there are a small number of landlords who take advantage of all students and particularly target international students and we are keen to help students avoid problems, If you are having problems with your landlord/agent please contact us.

Choosing Housemates

  • Think carefully about who you are going to live with – a wrong choice can ruin your year and it can be very difficult to get out of a contract!
  • Lifestyle differences can cause problems. If you’re not a party person make sure you find quiet housemates – and vice versa.
  • Everyone has different standards of tidiness and cleanness.
  • What about sharing with couples? Not so great if they split up and there’s friction in the house!
  • Don’t worry if you can’t find a group, there are always rooms available housemates wanted forum or come and talk to an Advisor at the Students’Union Advice Centre

Where to live?

The University is on the edge of Coventry City and is also in part of Warwickshire, the following places are where most Warwick students live:


Canley and Cannon Park are within walking distance of campus.

Earlsdon is about 15 minutes by bus to campus

Coventry City Centre is about 30 minutes by bus to campus

Leamington Spa

A smaller town than Coventry with all the usual amenities of a large town including a University learning grid 

There are direct buses from Leamington to campus and the journey takes about 35 minutes.


Kenilworth is a small town with many shops situated about 3 miles from the campus.   The journey takes about 10 minutes and there are regular bus services.

Bus information

For information about the bus service with routes to campus see the University page

Please note all the bus times quoted may vary depending on travel conditions.

Once you have found a property you are happy with, what happens next?

The landlord / agent will expect you to sign the tenancy agreement / contract and pay the deposit. Don’t be rushed or pressurized into this, see our pages on Signing a Contract and Deposits link to deposit page.

  • Make sure before signing the contract that everyone understands it, and knows what it means. The contract should make sense and be easy to understand.
  • Most accommodation will be offered as an Assured Shorthold Tenancy where the landlord will not be living at the property. This type of tenancy gives you the most security of tenure and Protection.
  • If you have a resident landlord, then you will have less protection than if you have an assured shorthold tenancy
  • If you have an assured shorthold tenancy your deposit must be protected within 30 days of you paying it

If you have any questions or need to understand your contract better, make an appointment to see one of the Advisors in the Students’ Union Advice Centre.

Once you have signed your Tenancy Agreement

  • If you have signed an assured shorthold tenancy agreement you should receive the prescribed information from the landlord or agent within 30 days of paying the deposit. If you don’t know what this is, take a look at our Deposit page .
  • If you are moving in some weeks or months after you viewed the property, make contact and view the property again before the contract is due to start so you can raise any issues about the condition of the property and make sure you fully understand the check in procedure your landlord or agent will want you to follow.
  • Check out our:
  • Moving In page 
  • Deposit page
  • Moving In Guide 

If you have any questions or want more advice at any stage of your house hunting, please contact the Students’ Union Advice Centre.