Accessibility Requirements at
The Bread Oven

The Bread Oven

This list should enable people to quickly work out what accessibility requirements are available at The Bread Oven and where we are able to make improvements to develop our services.

If you have any other suggestions or feedback, please get in contact with us.

Staff Awareness

Info: To be updated.

Status: To be updated.

Notes: In progress. in progress icon

Till point ordering

Status: Completed.

Notes: There is now a clearly signed accessible service point in the Bread Oven in progress icon

Building accessibility map of outlet

Info: Building accessibility map showing ramps, where CR1 accessible toilets are, etc…

Plan: Emails to be sent requesting time to complete this task.

Status: No work completed to date.

Notes: In progress. in progress icon

Large font menus

Info: Software has been created to automate the large font menus construction, a printing format and style guide has been also been agreed, once the first one is approved they will be made available.

Status:Needs to be signed off for approval.

Notes: In progress. in progress icon

Wheelchair Priority

Info: Information about wheelchair priority to be made available on this page and on the Bread Oven mini-site pages.

Status: Information required

Notes: In progress. in progress icon