Warwick Students' Union is committed to reducing its environmental impact and we recognise travel is something that can cause high levels of emissions.

We will avoid unnecessary travel where possible and look to use webinars and teleconferencing instead.

Where travel is not avoidable we encourage sustainable options where it is feasible.

The travel policy for Warwick Students' Union does not allow travel by air for journeys undertaken by staff members on Union business within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, unless that journey is greater than 400 miles one way.

Where travel by air within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland is requested as part of a reasonable adjustment to enable a member of staff to fulfil their role, approval for the flight must be given by the Human Resources Director.

Cycle to Work Scheme

Warwick SU are part of the Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme enables employees to purchase a bicycle tax-free, saving on average about half the cost, on the basis that the bicycle is used for work purposes (at least 50% of the bike’s use should be for work).

For staff members interested in joining the scheme with Warwick SU, further details can be found on Grapevine or via this link