Monitoring and Improvement

We will comply with and where possible exceed all relevant regulatory requirements.

We will continually improve and monitor environmental performance.

We will continually improve and reduce environmental impacts.

We will incorporate environmental factors into organisational decisions and use environmental criteria in any tender decision.

We will increase employee awareness through training and communication.

Anna Chowcat, the SU's Postgraduate Officer 2012-13, wrote a blog on environmental issues.

Impacts & Aspects

This aspects register is based on the current activity of Warwick SU (WSU) as of Aug 2014

Warwick SU the 4 categories

WSU has identified the key aspects of its activities on the environment and grouped them into 4 categories.

These aspects have then been reviewed to identify their impact on the environment and the results tabled below.

Premises – Includes the main aspects of the use of the physical environment of the building in which we are housed.

External environment – Includes the main aspects of our effect on the externally to our premises and the impact on the local neighbourhood and environment.

Suppliers/Vendors – Includes the aspects associated with production and delivery logistics of products supplied and the activities of invited vendors who use our facilities.

Operations – Includes the aspects of our activities that do not fall into any of the above categories.

Ranking information:

High: Is a top priority as impact of successful intervention/efficiency management is very high.

Medium: Is where impact of intervention is less however legislation, Union policy or University dictate raise its importance.

Low: Is where impact of intervention is negligible however the Union considers it its Social Corporate responsibility to highlight impact on the register and proportion responsibility to reduction of impact however negligible.

Premises External Environment Operations Suppliers Venrors