PunkSoc is a society for people who like punk music (in a broad sense) as well as a general DIY/punks approach to various aspects of life. We don't care if you like pop punk, hardcore, ska, emo or anything in between, whether it's mainstream or underground- here is your chance to get talking and get involved! We have our own radio show once a week, and are always looking for members to come and chat or pick some tunes. We go to lots of gigs, both locally and further afield. When there's no gigs on, we put them on! We love punk because of it's hands-on, inclusive nature, and are committed to letting you get involved with the punk community, in whatever role you fancy taking up! Our exec are all extremely approachable and friendly, and their titles are basically a formality, so don't be frightened about getting involved or making suggestions!
Fancy going to a gig but have nobody to go with? No problem. Post on the Punksoc Facebook page or email one of us personally and no doubt there'll be someone to keep you company. Want to start an band? Bandsoc is great for that, but come to punksoc if you have something in mind that might seem a bit leftfield/obscure . Just want to hang out and chat about music? We'd love to!
So check out what we're doing on the Facebook page, come on down to a show and see us at the Freshers fair in October!
(don't worry, we're sorting out the logo)


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