'Students taking action on poverty, human rights and the environment.' This has been People & Planet's slogan for decades. A national network of student groups, People & Planet seek to take radical action to combat the causes of global injustice.

Alongside running one of the most prominent national branches of the global Fossil Free campaign, Warwick's People & Planet group have developed several of their own campaigns and institutions. These include: 'Leftovers', a weekly or bi-weekly gathering of like-minded students for a potluck lunch and academic talk, and 'Weapons out of Warwick', a campaign to combat the presense of the arms industry on campus. We also have a prominent annual Go Green Week, with a plethora of talks, workshops, actions and other events held throughout the week. A number of other University societies and groups have also been spawned by Warwick People & Planet, including the Allotment, Animal Ethics Society, and Food Coop. We're the longest running radical, democratic, community-centred activist group at Warwick.   

Fossil Free Warwick is the largest campaign group underneath Warwick People & Planet. After our stunning divestment victory at the end of the 2014/15 academic year, Fossil Free Warwick are launching their new 'BP Off Campus' campaign, which seeks to combat the prominent presence of the petroluem company BP on Warwick's campus.

People & Planet nationally are a network of autonomous groups loosely connected through the national People & Planet office in Oxford. Every year People & Planet gather to democratically decide on new campaigns, the focus and direction of current campaigns, and create links between existing groups across universities and the further education sector. Once this is decided, local campaign groups such as Warwick's have the autonomous right to impliment these campaigns how they see fit, and educate, organise, and mobilise their student body. 

Currently, People & Planet run 350.org's international Fossil Free campaign in the UK. This campaign seeks to get universities, and other institutions, to stop investing in coal, oil and gas companies. So far 3 universities in the UK have pledged to fully divest, including Warwick in July 2015! This was one of the biggest victories for activists at Warwick in years, and was covered in the national media. Worldwide, the Fossil Free campaign has been a major success, with hundreds of cities, foundations, pension funds and educational institutions divesting from fossil fuels. It has changed the global debate on keeping fossil fuels in the ground, and spawned a campaign by the Guardian newspaper around divestment: 'Keep it in the Ground'. 

People & Planet are also running a national Sweatshop Free campaign, which seeks to combat sweatshop labour conditions worldwide. 

In 2016, we will be launching our new Migrants Rights campaign, to promote the rights of refugees, combat the detention industry, and change attitudes to migrants in British society. 


To contact us or join our mailing list, email fossilfreewarwickuniversity@gmail.com, or join our People & Planet Facebook group and post here.

To find out more about People & Planet nationally, click here.

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